Party trick

Cuddles could make himself come, just by thinking about it. It was his party trick, well one of them. He’d whip it out, put his hands on his head and close his eyes. Then after about two or three minutes, he’d ejaculate. I was really quite impressive but he wasn’t always very appropriate with it and we got kicked out of  several restaurants, two children’s playgrounds and a zoo.

I asked him once what it was he thought about when he did it. “You, you ugly cunt.” he said.

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4 responses

  1. Hahaha…Oh my…I needed this thank you!

    12.06.03 at 03.36

    • glad he made you smile darlin’

      12.06.03 at 11.29

  2. It’s nice to know your charm knows no boundaries K…seriously funny!

    12.06.02 at 15.34

    • i think he was kidding me – he didn’t have a gay boner in his body – glad it made you smile hon x

      12.06.02 at 15.35

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