Another nifty noem

is this a noem?
i’ve no way of knowin’.

am i a noet,
and yet do not know it?

become a nifty noet too

11 responses

  1. Indeed you are.
    You’ve done pretty good so far.

    12.06.04 at 00.35

  2. star light star bright
    let the noet see what’s right

    power of word
    power of thought

    what powers the mind
    powers the cock

    the mind can see
    where he should be

    inside the warmth
    of love’s pussy

    let it inspire
    let it delight

    let noet’s prick
    direct the flight

    of love’s reaction
    to the touch

    of one that loves
    his cock so much


    12.06.03 at 23.08

    • that’s gotta be the naughtiest noem ever

      12.06.03 at 23.14

      • nah…tame

        12.06.03 at 23.16

        • oh, i’m sure you can do naughtier 😉

          12.06.03 at 23.17

  3. I don’t Poe!

    12.06.03 at 23.07

  4. Asking these questions are true signs of noemism 😉

    12.06.03 at 22.39

    • but only a noet can know it

      12.06.03 at 23.13

      • Nobody else knows, for sure. Sometimes the noet doesn’t know it either, and there’s no one around to say: “hey you’re a great noet” and it’s quiet deliberating.

        12.06.03 at 23.35

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