Better than afternoon telly

Elsie is a little old lady who lives alone in a large house. To help with her meagre pension, she has taken in a lodger. He is a handsome young writer and, being a writer, he never earns any money and rarely has enough to pay his rent. There are however other ways, he has discovered, that he can pay of his arrears.

Elsie knocks on his door and asks if would mind coming through to the sitting room. He knows what she means by this, what she wants him to do, and he undresses and walks through to join her. He stands in the doorway, more than a little surprised to see that Elsie has a small gathering of her friends around. They sit around a table with a delicate lace table cloth sipping Earl Grey tea and nibbling politely on buttered scones. “Come on,” smiles Elsie, “you know what to do.”
“W-w-what?”, he stuttered, “in front of, in front of’ your-”
” My friends? Yes. Unless you have three months rent with you. ” Elsie answers, spreading some quince jelly neatly on her scone.

He crosses the room and kneels down, facing them. He does a lot of yoga and has a very supple back, he also has a very large cock. Little old eyes widen as he makes himself erect and then, holding the base of his shaft between his finger and thumb, he leans forward and takes over half of his quivering cock into his own mouth. As he begins to pump his head swiftly up and down over his glistening member, there are polite giggles and the occasional ‘Oh my!’ and “Goodness!’ from around the tea table. Giggles turn to chuckles and gasps as they see and hear him begin to come. “Well I must say,this is much better than afternoon telly, dear.” one old lady remarks to Elsie, as they listen to him gulp and watch his thick white cum cascade down his still throbbing cock and squirt from his nostrils.
“Oh this is just the start, dear.” grins Elsie, and, as he kneels up, his face and cock a dripping, creamy mess, she opens a drawer in the antique Welsh dresser, her granny had left her, and pulls out a 14 inch long, 3 inch thick, solid silver dildo and hands it to him.

He knows what to do…

17 responses

  1. SweetP

    my husband’s ex wife is Elsie! LOL

    12.06.19 at 18.32

    • say hi from me LOL

      12.06.19 at 18.33

      • SweetP

        she doesn’t always like me 🙂 Although at The Wedding she did tell me I was a good person LOL

        12.06.20 at 10.15

        • ah… it might not be the same elsie then lol

          12.06.20 at 10.16

  2. TemptingSweets99

    “He knows what she means by this, what she wants him to do, and he undresses and walks through to join her.”
    I love how he is well-trained. I have a room for rent. 😀

    12.06.05 at 01.46

    • i’m looking for a room – what’s the rent?

      12.06.05 at 10.16

      • TemptingSweets99

        I’m sure an agreeable rental arrangement can be met for both parties. It doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. 😀

        12.06.05 at 17.19

        • sounds like a win-win situation to me

          12.06.05 at 17.52

  3. makes ME wonder who you had lunch with today K!
    Tea anyone?

    12.06.05 at 01.20

    • her name was elsie but i can’t tell you what we ate 😉

      12.06.05 at 10.15

      • lol…would not have expected you to. if you had then “you weren’t doing it right”. 🙂

        12.06.05 at 10.33

  4. I knew he wasn’t going to be doing yardwork.

    12.06.05 at 00.50

    • writers are rubbish at yardwork

      12.06.05 at 00.51

  5. He knows what to do…

    12.06.04 at 23.41

    • and he has the means to do it

      12.06.04 at 23.43

  6. TheOthers1

    What a way to pay the rent.

    12.06.04 at 23.08

    • the room had a lovely view though 😉

      12.06.04 at 23.09

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