Dawn Chorus or Words to that affect

My local cemetery, is wild and overgrown, not only a resting place for the dead but a magnificent nature sanctuary. Several times a year they hold guided walks at 4 AM, to hear the dawn chorus. The walks are led by a qualified ornithologist, who identifies which bird is responsible for which song, along with lots of other interesting stuff.

I went along once, and it was fascinating. I learned all kinds of things. For example, I learned that birds are descended from dinosaurs and that owls do not go “Taawit-taawoo!”, and in fact one bird, the male, will call “Taawit!” and the female will answer “Taawoo!”, although that might be the other way round. I also learned that a lot of birds will mimic other birds if they think that bird is bigger and stronger than them. A lot of these birds mistakenly think that mobile phones and car alarms are bigger stronger birds and have started mimicking them.

There was one very stupid women there and remarked how nice it would be if we could understand what the little birdies were saying. The guide said he knew exactly what they were saying. “Hear that robin?” he asked, pointing, “Its saying to all the surrounding robins, ‘This is my tree you bastards and you come anywhere near it and I will peck your fucking eyes out!’ or words to that affect” She shut up after that.

12 responses

  1. oh… but but but, in disney films, the birds are so helpful to the poor princesses…oh gulp….now what about the whale songs? oh shatter….

    12.06.05 at 03.36

    • sometimes i wonder if they don’t make those disney films up

      12.06.05 at 11.12

      • damn, dancing mice and fairy godmothers, okokok i concur…but really–was neil finn wrong, also, when he said “birds talk to me if i go down on my knees”? i hate when good poetry is spoiled by science. 😉 …or maybe now i can just imagine crowded house getting cussed at by a flock of geese…

        12.06.05 at 16.59

  2. Oh, the birds say other things too… like “Hey, baby, why don’t you and me go shake a tail feather or two?” And the female is saying “Oh, go lay an egg!” 😉

    12.06.05 at 03.01

    • lol and thank you

      12.06.05 at 10.23

  3. TemptingSweets99

    LOL at the guide. 😀 A long time ago, I saw a video of a bird that mimicked a cell phone ring. Funny.

    12.06.05 at 01.53

    • yes – we should have cells that sound like birds

      12.06.05 at 10.21

  4. taawoo.

    12.06.05 at 01.16

    • taawit

      12.06.05 at 10.23

      • where’s the damn nest? that’s all i want to know!

        12.06.05 at 10.35

  5. 🙂 Love it!

    12.06.04 at 23.34

    • 😀 thank you susan

      12.06.05 at 00.53

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