Boiling point

i kiss your neck
your breasts

i wet your hardening nipples
and blow

i kiss your belly
your mound
your pussy
and like a hot
summer breeze
you moan

i flick your clit
with my tongue
and feel you writhe
and hear you
and cuss

faster and wetter
my mouth
with your sweet nectar

the heat rises
ripples run through you

your back arches
your fingers grasp
at sheets
your orgasm approaches

i stop
and watch

and return

i stop again and blow
cold against your clit
you beg and punch
and call me names

and i bury my head

i stop
and wait
and listen to you plead
by your need

i taste

and stop

and lick

until you scream
and boil
and bubble

and steam

33 responses

  1. I’ve been reading through a whole bunch of your poems this afternoon and although I like them all enormously, I think this one may be my favorite. At least, for now.

    12.07.02 at 16.52

    • really? thank you so much – most of them just seem to spill out of my brain like dribble or cum. so its wonderful to hear that some of it is considered readable

      12.07.02 at 18.27

  2. PAZ

    I had a dream about this last night. haha. See what you did!

    12.06.08 at 17.22

    • hey, that’s cool – what did i did then?

      12.06.08 at 17.35

      • PAZ

        I don’t know. Whatever you did must’ve slipped into my subconscious because I read that poem and had a VERY good dream. 😉 That’s all.

        12.06.08 at 22.19

        • that sounds delightful – thanks for sharing that *big smile*

          12.06.09 at 05.36

  3. TemptingSweets99

    sounds scorching to me.

    12.06.07 at 10.55

    • glad it got ya hot

      12.06.07 at 11.02

  4. Oh my god Kyle. You almost made me…

    Bad boy!

    12.06.07 at 04.13

    • glad i almost made you… your comment almost made me…
      and i like it when you call me a bad boy by the way

      12.06.07 at 05.44

  5. Hawt!

    12.06.07 at 01.45

  6. cuntcomputer

    Fuckin cool!

    12.06.07 at 00.20

    • fuckin thank you!

      12.06.07 at 00.21

  7. eroticexploration

    Ooooh just delicious Kyle!!!!

    12.06.06 at 23.04

    • glad you thought so sweet

      12.06.06 at 23.42

  8. Boiling at its best…

    12.06.06 at 20.02

    • thank you very much

      12.06.06 at 23.13

  9. Gah, I’m spent. And I purr.

    12.06.06 at 19.56

    • i can hear you from here – you purr delightfully renee

      12.06.06 at 20.26

  10. TheOthers1

    Ooo. I liked that a lot.

    12.06.06 at 19.30

    • ooh, thanks, i wasn’t sure it flowed right but if you like it i’ll take it that it does

      12.06.06 at 19.36

  11. THAT….CHEF KYLE….was freaking GREAT!

    12.06.06 at 18.59

    • well, thank you – enjoy your meal

      12.06.06 at 19.08

      • Mine appears less appetizing than yours. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? 😉

        12.06.06 at 19.11

        • then you must let me cook you up a little something – do you like it hot rhonda?

          12.06.06 at 19.12

  12. Got Me Goin’.
    When’s The Encore?!?!

    12.06.06 at 18.52

    • glad to hear my friend, glad to hear 😉

      12.06.06 at 19.08

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