tender red meat,
seeping in its own juices,
thick, creamy sauce,
pouring over and down,
bubbling and spitting.

then flipped over,
flesh exposed,
boiling and hissing,
juicy and sweet,
quivering with the heat.
mouth watering,
tender, red meat

17 responses

  1. TemptingSweets99

    Suddenly, I feel famished.

    12.06.07 at 11.00

    • please, tuck right in

      12.06.07 at 11.02

  2. Mmm….sounds delicious. Wonder if it could be even better? Yes…I think it can…pouring that cream sauce in the crevice of one lying down upon the table…still warm…meat placec on the nipples…down the torso…all the way down to the clit oris….the eaten as a carnivore does…right off a lovely body. And Kyle…I am a more than willing sacrificial lamb. But of course….all in fun …naturally.

    12.06.06 at 22.09

    • what an enticing image that brings to mind – i will certainly bare in mind your sacrificial and tasty offering

      12.06.07 at 05.42

  3. Now I’m starved!! Carnivore Central here gimme that meat dude!

    12.06.06 at 23.22

    • glad to have wetted your appetite pete

      12.06.06 at 23.43

  4. mmmm, toad in the hole…

    12.06.06 at 21.25

    • my favourite dish

      12.06.06 at 21.27

  5. How the hell am I supposed to go back to my kitchen if you keep telling us what is going on in yours? Hmmmm? Ever think about being a ‘personal chef?” no references required!

    12.06.06 at 21.24

    • as long as the interview requires a rigorous assesment of my abilitiesin the, err, “kitchen”

      12.06.06 at 21.26

      • ahem….I think you are very astute! I would absolutely require Proof before Purchase!

        12.06.06 at 21.28

  6. Fantastic, Kyle–this image will stay with me for a while 🙂

    12.06.06 at 21.23

    • thanks susan, the taste and aroma too i hope 😉

      12.06.06 at 21.25

      • I need an emoticon that blushes 🙂

        Since I don’t have that, just color that one…red

        12.06.06 at 21.27

  7. My “tummy” just rumbled 🙂

    12.06.06 at 21.12

    • you need someone to give your “tummy” a rub then 😉

      12.06.06 at 21.14

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