Team work

ron and i used to work as a team. he’d help get me girls and i’d help him get boys. we had a whole bunch of routines worked out. at least one of us would nearly always get laid and often both of us would. occasionally though neither of us would get any, usually when we’d got too wasted and spent our night losing money on the pool table or chucking it into one of those machines that lets you play commando with a bright blue plastic gun.

on such nights, we used to hang out in these neat under-the-railway-arches clubs in vauxhall and would often wind up at his flat in clapham, or balham, or one of those places. It was a one room flat: kitchen, living room, bedroom, all rolled into one, and I generally crashed on the couch.

one night ron says, “why don’t you come sleep here?” in his big double bed – and i have to confess, that the smell of those freshly-washed, 700 denier, egyptian cotton sheets was appealing. i climbed in next to him, half expecting what was to come.

he began to run his hand softly over my back and i turned to face him and we kissed. the sensation of stubble against my cheeks was a new one to me but not unpleasant. he was a great kisser and i was surprised at how easily i had become erect. he pushed himself close to me and our cocks pressed into each other, his was magnificent and i could feel it and throb against mine. I took it in my hand, feeling it pulse and bulge and began to kiss his chest and belly. He pushed playfully at my head, urging me down towards his rigid member. I kissed it and ran my tongue wetly along its length and then slipped it into my mouth. ron pushed my head down onto it and fucked my face roughly, telling me how much the sounds of my gagging turned him on. we were not there to make love and he came quickly and powerfully, his cum spraying the back of my throat in long thick spurts.

we kissed briefly, him enjoying his own taste on my lips, before he went down on me. he knew exactly what to do with a it and worked my throbbing wet cock expertly, using all his mouth, his lips, tongue and even his teeth to bring me to an astoundingly strong orgasm, shaking my whole body and rattling the bed. he pulled away as i came, it’d been days since i’d had any, and i splattered his face and open smiling mouth with hot sticky cum, gasping and panting and trembling as i did.

we kissed, finished the joint in the ashtray and fell happily asleep.

19 responses

  1. wow – this makes me think of how free it could feel at times to be so open or uncensored or undefined…maybe unidentified as a single type sexually. I don’t know how to say what I’m thinking.

    12.06.08 at 22.44

    • let your imagination soar jayne – be as free as a bird and as wild as a tiger and sing and growl

      12.06.09 at 05.33

  2. very hot kyle

    12.06.08 at 17.55

    • glad you liked

      12.06.08 at 17.59

  3. How exhilarating My Kyle!


    12.06.08 at 14.10

    • i’m glad you enjoyed my dawn – do you think i should do more like this?

      12.06.08 at 14.11

      • I think they are all exhilarating really Kyle. Makes a girl squirm a little. πŸ™‚

        12.06.08 at 14.14

  4. Ooooo-ooooo, wooo-ooooo (tremble tremble) — I don’t need to be hearing these things now as it’s rather, how should we say, dry… Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! I do have a hot date on Monday! Keep up the good work sweets!

    12.06.08 at 13.50

    • enjoy tomorrow and have fun on your hot date

      12.06.08 at 14.03

  5. another bedroom door opens to endless possibilities…will be fun to see what’s in the closet. πŸ˜‰

    12.06.08 at 10.46

    • it will indeed

      12.06.08 at 11.18

  6. damn Kyle! Hot read.

    12.06.08 at 10.32

  7. Could you ever see yourself in a relationship with a man? Just curious.

    12.06.08 at 09.58

  8. Well that got me a bit hot!

    12.06.08 at 08.39

    • glad to hear it

      12.06.08 at 08.41

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