Hot red lips,
Beckon wetly,
In the shade
Of the orange grove,
Protected from
The yellow glow
of the burning sun,
Our bodies tremble,
Like the green leaves
Above us.
In the blue of your eyes,
The indigo sky
And our violet lust.

another wavelength

28 responses

  1. This is wonderful. Beautiful.

    12.06.10 at 10.14

    • why, thank you, so much

      12.06.10 at 10.17

  2. I love it, especially the violet lust!

    12.06.09 at 22.59

    • i’m glad you do and i love you – that was my favourite bit too

      12.06.10 at 06.22

      • Awww! Thanks Kyle! Right back atcha~ 🙂

        12.06.10 at 09.53

  3. How beautiful Kyle. Do you think this is fact or fiction? Let’s say fact! Possibility? Whatever, it was a really moving poem.


    12.06.09 at 08.50

    • its a dream dawn, but dreams can come true and often do

      12.06.09 at 09.20

  4. “violet lust” got to me. Your bursting with color, love it.

    12.06.08 at 22.48

    • thanks chrissy – i thought you’d like that

      12.06.09 at 05.31

  5. your words pour beauty all over me

    12.06.08 at 22.35

    • now that’s an image i shall hold onto all day

      12.06.09 at 05.34

  6. Beautiful, kyle. Just, uh, beautiful. Swoon….

    12.06.08 at 21.57

    • thank you renee – you know i love to make you swoon

      12.06.09 at 05.37

  7. Loved It, Mr. Kyle!!!
    Fo SHO, Sir!!!

    12.06.08 at 20.30

  8. I really like this piece. Sensual.

    12.06.08 at 19.47

    • cheers chris – i appreciate it

      12.06.09 at 05.37

  9. Hey I’m still focussed on Team Work — I’ve been effectively distracted.

    12.06.08 at 18.28

    • i somehow imagined you as being distracted by that and glad that you were – my mind is now full of distracted imagery

      12.06.08 at 18.31

  10. This is so gorgeous. Hot, yes, I agree–but gorgeous!

    12.06.08 at 17.57

  11. If only all rainbows were like this

    12.06.08 at 17.36

    • they are miss, they are

      12.06.08 at 17.42

  12. eroticexploration

    A rainbow of sensuality… Love it 🙂

    12.06.08 at 17.34

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