A recipe for love


  • One large cup-full of experience
  • One or two generous spoonfuls of sadness, according to taste
  • A large sprinkling of humour
  • An ounce of wholemeal wisdom
  • A fresh sprig of organic pain
  • Several free range smiles
  • Two eggs
  • An open mind
  • Some freshly picked humility (bottled is ok, if you can’t find fresh)
  • One open heart
  • Half a can of sheer guts, or baked beans, depending on the season

Mix the above ingredients in a large bowl and bake on the top shelf of a hot oven for a decade or two. Season with plenty of sex, laughter and fun, a few tears and some grated cheese. Garnish with cherry tomatoes and parsley.

For maximum pleasure, eat with someone else.

53 responses

  1. Me likey!

    12.07.05 at 15.53

    • thank you noel

      12.07.06 at 06.39

  2. i did not realize you wrote on the subject in a similar vein as my recent post until i got the notice that you “liked” my post, and WP recommended this to me…interesting! i like your recipe much better. cherry tomatoes and free range smiles…

    12.06.18 at 16.57

    • free range smiles, i love it!
      organic giggles…

      12.06.18 at 17.00

      • you said it first…nice work. you are multifaceted.

        12.06.19 at 15.44

  3. Reblogged this on Reality in Progress and commented:
    Kyle, the sexy genius, is finally sharing the secret recipe to the dish we are all craving. Happy cooking!

    12.06.12 at 15.22

  4. I have to reblog this 🙂

    12.06.12 at 15.19

    • aw thank you – you are way too kind 🙂

      12.06.14 at 20.05

  5. You’re a fucking genius Kyle ♥

    12.06.11 at 20.43

    • you’re too kind anette ♥

      12.06.12 at 05.19

  6. Lovely! ♥

    12.06.11 at 19.06

  7. That made me smile. Thank you. I’m hoping after numerous disasters with the wrong ingredients I might currently be using a better recipe and have found the perfect bowl to mix it in.

    12.06.11 at 15.25

    • i hope so too ruth – thank you for your comment 🙂

      12.06.11 at 16.03

  8. LOVE your recipe for LOVE! Very true.

    12.06.11 at 13.55

  9. My Kyle, I am so fortunate to have found you in this vast, sometimes ugly world because you make me smile at least as much and usually more than anyone else I know. (virtually or really)

    Here’s to baked bean season My Horseman in Bloom!


    12.06.11 at 13.43

    • my dawn, you make my day, over and over, with your wonderful comments

      12.06.11 at 13.57

  10. I’ve got some fresh humility here if you need it bud haha I like this, very thoughtful of you.

    12.06.11 at 04.59

  11. I always leave it in the oven too long.

    12.06.11 at 01.13

  12. I wish this recipe worked for all!!!

    12.06.10 at 22.24

    • i think it does honey

      12.06.11 at 05.52

      • I don’t know anymore Kyle

        12.06.11 at 11.39

        • have faith isabella ::hugs::

          12.06.11 at 11.40


    12.06.10 at 20.01

    • i love you cat, thank you

      12.06.10 at 20.17


        12.06.10 at 20.20

        • and i bet you are a great cook too

          12.06.10 at 20.23

          • I AM TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!! RAMEN NOODLES ANYONE 🙂 LOLOLOLOL……………..

            12.06.10 at 20.23

  14. You forgot to mention that this goes great with coffee. DON’T FORGET THE COFFEE!

    12.06.10 at 19.42

    • how could i have forgotten the coffee – i mean, i’m addicted to the stuff

      12.06.10 at 20.16

  15. How about Jack Daniels, valium and two tons of chocolate! Lol!

    12.06.10 at 19.00

    • well that goes without saying, i guess – well spotted though – thanks

      12.06.10 at 20.16

  16. Seriously, what the hell – do you write in your sleep or do you have 3 sets of hands or do you NOT sleep? You amaze me with how often you write. Is WordPress holding someone hostage if you don’t post? No – you get a BJ for every post! Ok, I figured it out. Thanks for listening but more than that – Thank you for writing!

    12.06.10 at 18.20

    • i’ll be honest, i love writing here, and i love the friends i have found here – sleep is for the puny – i wish i got a blow job for every post, and our friend diirrty did offer, but i would write until my fingers bled just for the chance to even imagine, for a second, that it could be you. in the meantime, i will continue to splatter wordpress with the random spunk of my mind. also… i was thinking of changing my background and header and, knowing how good you are with all that stuff, was wondering if you had any ideas – i’ve smoked way tooo much weed tonight, does it show?

      12.06.10 at 18.35

      • You know what?? I was creating my blog roll and when listing you, I wondered, Mew Tube / you tube or Mew Tube / flesh tube?? crude wondering but you know how you are?? ; ) I love the look you have – the dimension, simple clean strength of black and white – I could play with any ideas you’re considering though.

        12.06.10 at 18.56

  17. Best recipe ever!

    12.06.10 at 18.17

    • there’s always room for improvement though – thanks for your comment sugar

      12.06.10 at 18.25

  18. TemptingSweets99

    I love your recipe. Tailoring it a bit more to my tastes, I’ll substitute the parsley with cilantro. I love cilantro and can get wet from the scent alone. I like a little more heat, so to make things a bit spicy… I’d add something hot, like jalapeno or chili peppers, to kick things up a notch. 😀

    12.06.10 at 18.16

    • cilantro is coriander, right? big fan and as for hot and spicy, whether culinary or metaphorically, then yes, kick it up a notch or two

      12.06.10 at 18.24

      • TemptingSweets99

        Yes fresh coriander! And yes, culinary and metaphorically-speaking – kicking it up a notch or two or three. 😉

        12.06.10 at 18.29


    12.06.10 at 17.58

    • seeing as you are already my favourite dish, how can i say no. expect an extra large portion to be coming your way rhonda

      12.06.10 at 18.00

  20. Love it!!!

    12.06.10 at 17.53

    • glad you do – a little pepper never hurts too – i should have said lol

      12.06.10 at 17.55

      • Oh yea, pepper is good, my mama always said a little pepper was good for the soul lol

        12.06.10 at 18.07

        • your mama was right

          12.06.10 at 18.07

  21. This is great–love it. Agree best shared.

    12.06.10 at 17.53

    • yes exactly – i forgot the garlic though

      12.06.10 at 17.54

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