swoon Look up swoon at Dictionary.comlate 13c., swogene, probably from O.E. geswogen “in a faint,” pp. of a lost verb, perhaps *swogan, as in aswogan “to choke,” of uncertain origin. Cf. Low Ger. swogen “to sigh.”

i wanna make you swoon
i wanna make you come
i wanna make you
come so hard
that you scream
and then pass out

i wanna make you
feel so loved
that you can
no longer think
i wanna fuck you
into a coma
i wanna lick you
’til you feint

23 responses

  1. I want to be there.

    12.06.11 at 07.42

  2. Sounds perfect to me kyle. Perfect. 🙂

    12.06.10 at 21.36

  3. Nice Kyle. I texted back and forth with this guy, he sent one finally that said “I’ll kill you.” Hot! Your poem reminds me of that… Hey, Matthew McConnaghy’s father died making love to his mother!

    12.06.10 at 18.20

    • awesome and thanks

      12.06.11 at 05.28

  4. O K

    12.06.10 at 16.12

    • it would seem we have a date then?

      12.06.10 at 16.14

      • I wish… with that description, I believe I would spontaneously combust. – cum bust

        12.06.10 at 16.17

        • spontaneous cumbustion – now there’s a post title in the making – maybe we can cumbine our posts?

          12.06.10 at 16.20

          • I’ve been thinking about spontaneous combustion as a great ending to an incredibly detailed lead up and the excitement would be so intense that AS he slid in, I combusted !!! – just couldn’t take it and bam – gone. Then I think of him – alone – hurt? burned? -more than that – unsatisfied! So it’s remained a part of a story unwritten…

            12.06.10 at 16.29

            • i love a tragic ending and i love that idea – if you don’t write it jayne, sorry, but i will …

              12.06.10 at 16.35

              • Go for it – just make it delicious!

                12.06.10 at 16.41

                • and dedicated to you of course

                  12.06.10 at 16.42

                  • Oooh La La – I already have to change my underwear!

                    12.06.10 at 16.44

              • Go for it – just make it delicious! – deliciously anticipatory and almost painful : )

                12.06.10 at 16.42

  5. Wow. Interrupting the moment to say this is FANFUCKINGTASTIC!

    12.06.10 at 14.58

    • hey glad you thought so

      12.06.10 at 16.13

  6. catch me please

    12.06.10 at 13.55

    • hold still then

      12.06.10 at 13.58

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