There is no wind
and the rain beats straight down onto us
in long hard streams,
the drops tickling every inch of our naked bodies
like a thousand tiny kisses.
Our mouths and eyes meet and lock,
rain running cold over our heated lips,
our hands sliding wetly
over each others trembling flesh.
My mouth slips down
and over
your breasts and belly,
following rivulets of chilly water
as they run down to between your legs.
You swing round and take me in your mouth,
the rain cascading over us,
making us shiver lightly,
contrasting with the tingling heat
of our passion and lips.
Our tongues coax deep moans and sighs,
a plume of water sprays into the air
as you slam your hand down into a rippling puddle
in time to your rising orgasm.
Your scent and flavour fill my nostrils
and mouth
and intoxicate me
as you shudder
and rise and fall and scream
and I fill your mouth with hot thick love.
After, we kiss
long and slow and sticky,
your blue eyes sparkling
sharing our flavours,
my cum on your lips,
your nectar on mine.

26 responses

  1. was a perfect dream, but just a dream still
    i hope i never lose my love of the rain, but for now, the rain makes me cry

    13.06.22 at 14.51

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  3. I love a thousand tiny kisses. I love this poem. What a nice way to start the day.


    12.06.12 at 02.38

    • dawn
      mille baisers de minuscules

      12.06.12 at 05.25

  4. TemptingSweets99

    Mmm! I especially love the ending. *licking lips*

    12.06.11 at 22.44

    • that was my favourite bit too *lick*

      12.06.12 at 05.24

  5. YESSSSS~! Love in the rain!!! :3

    12.06.11 at 19.17

  6. eroticexploration

    I have been thinking so much recently of making love in the rain – can you believe that somehow or another I never have?! This is a fantasy that I going to make damn sure comes true soon, but man oh man this gorgeous poem makes me ache for it now…

    12.06.11 at 15.17

    • well make sure it does come true, can’t have you not fulfilling that fantasy – thanks hon

      12.06.11 at 15.59

  7. Very vivid!!! Nice

    12.06.11 at 13.47

    • very nice of you to say

      12.06.11 at 13.58

  8. Very well described, love it.

    12.06.11 at 11.33

    • aw thank you rois

      12.06.11 at 11.48

  9. It was a perfect day to read this Kyle. It’s raining here……

    12.06.11 at 10.51

    • its raining here too renee – what a nice coincidence

      12.06.11 at 10.55

  10. TheOthers1

    This was wicked… Wet… Wonderful. I liked it a lot. Poetry snaps. πŸ™‚

    12.06.11 at 10.47

    • its raining here and it just got me thinking – thanks

      12.06.11 at 10.54

  11. sure wish it would rain. hot stuff kyle. very hot stuff.

    12.06.11 at 09.51

    • would you dance with me in the rain rhonda?

      12.06.11 at 10.01

      • anytime mr. mew. anytime

        12.06.11 at 10.02

  12. Super. The word count also happened to be 96, and I often envy the dyslexic.

    12.06.11 at 09.46

    • thanks jk – glad you spotted the word count thing πŸ™‚

      12.06.11 at 09.47

  13. kinky yet full of passion and love, Kyle.

    12.06.11 at 09.41

    • thanks, kinda how i’d like to think of myself, kinda how i’d like to think of you

      12.06.11 at 09.46

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