Grief: all the things i wish i’d said
Love: all the things i hope i’ll say

Grief: even after all these years, you are the first thing i think about when i wake
Love: even after all these years, you are the last thing i think about before i sleep

Grief: i miss you more every day
Love: i love you more every day

Grief: i wish this feeling would go away – i know it won’t
Love: i hope this feeling never goes away – i know it won’t

Grief: losing you changed me forever
Love: finding you changed me forever

Grief: you’re all i ever think about
Love: you’re all i ever think about

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  4. I like this becuase the language is direct, to the point and therefore eloquently put.

    12.06.13 at 15.51

    • thank you for saying so – i tried πŸ™‚

      12.06.13 at 16.08

  5. Lucky are those who are able to experience grief then love. Unfortunate are those who stop and dwell on grief.

    12.06.13 at 09.07

    • very true
      thank you for that πŸ™‚

      12.06.13 at 09.54

  6. you nailed it again…simple, wow and owwww and ohhh…and for some reason now i feel really shy about letting you know that i included you in my nomination for the reader appreciation award passed on to me at this short-llnk,… please join…

    12.06.13 at 02.19

    • thank you for enjoying my post and thank you for your nomination – i am very flattered by both

      12.06.13 at 05.43

  7. It’s amazing how you write what we all feel. Very profound and reaches out to everyone who has ever loved and lost…kudos.

    12.06.12 at 15.43

    • thanks chrissy – i really appreciate that

      12.06.12 at 15.46

  8. the paradox of our life. bittersweet. love it. thank you, Kyle.

    12.06.12 at 15.12

  9. sweet sadness, all good…

    12.06.12 at 14.56

    • thanks, it really is all good

      12.06.12 at 17.03

  10. Sweet and true. They live inside us forever.

    12.06.12 at 13.34

    • they do brother, they do

      12.06.12 at 13.38

  11. Love this :), sharing on twitter…thanks

    12.06.12 at 13.30

    • i’m happy πŸ™‚ thank you, that’s very sweet of you

      12.06.12 at 13.32

  12. Oh Kyle……

    xoxo Dawn

    12.06.12 at 12.59

  13. sad but true k

    12.06.12 at 12.40

  14. Fantastic voices speaking in syncopated time..

    12.06.12 at 12.33

    • thank you mimi, ‘preciate it

      12.06.12 at 12.49

  15. It’s amazing to actually SEE the two opposite but same reactions of the beginning and end (to me) Wow – and once again, Kyle, you put forth poignant observations. By the way, I missed you yesterday.

    12.06.12 at 11.53

    • and we missed you jayne and thank you

      12.06.12 at 12.22

  16. Gillian Colbert

    They are but two halves of the same coin and a huge hug, my luv.

    12.06.12 at 11.35

    • thank you my luv and right back at ya

      12.06.12 at 11.37

  17. Love this Kyle

    12.06.12 at 11.20

    • love you isabella

      12.06.12 at 11.21

      • As I do you. Today was a tough day…so this… was really nice to see.

        12.06.12 at 17.29

        • sorry you had a tough one hon ::hugs:: glad i could bring a little something xo

          12.06.12 at 17.31

  18. Without bitter we would not know sweet

    12.06.12 at 11.18

    • so true, thank you

      12.06.12 at 11.18

    • TheOthers1

      A good way to think about it.

      12.06.12 at 12.58

  19. This breaks my heart and makes me hopeful all at the same time….

    12.06.12 at 11.05

    • thank you – its how it felt to write it too…

      12.06.12 at 11.13

  20. Gorgeous. I do believe love and grief/loss are 2 sides of the same coin, beautifully illustrated here. Well done, Kyle.

    12.06.12 at 11.05

    • thank you susan – i agree

      12.06.12 at 11.13

  21. no words k. this is beautiful. 😦 / πŸ™‚

    12.06.12 at 11.00

    • 😦 πŸ™‚

      12.06.12 at 11.12

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