armoured warriors
strategic numbers shouted
and its a touchdown

you draw on the pitch
stick figures in motion, bare
iron legs strike one nil

10 responses

  1. Love the background!! and yeah Walcott Forever!! muhahahaha

    12.06.18 at 09.35

  2. PAZ


    12.06.16 at 23.43

  3. David Eric Cummins

    I may be a Yank, but I know REAL football doesn’t include throwing, catching or carrying the ball (unless you’re a keeper, I suppose) 😉
    I just wrote a footie poem myself a few days ago

    12.06.16 at 07.52

    • thanks david – love your poem by the way, thanks for sharing it 🙂

      anybody else reading this should go check it out

      12.06.16 at 07.58

  4. Oh yeah…..touchdown!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    12.06.15 at 17.40

    • goal!!! surely?

      12.06.15 at 17.41

      • you go between the iron legs your way and we’ll do it ours….;) either way, between the legs is the sweet spot yes?

        12.06.15 at 17.44

  5. Go England (at least until the World Cup…then it’s the colonialists for me)!!

    12.06.15 at 17.38

    • good to have you on board

      12.06.15 at 17.40

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