i always thought
we’d laugh one day
the times
we cried

i never knew
we’d cry so much
the times
we laughed

19 responses

  1. sherrysf

    So true to life…

    12.06.16 at 22.21

    • sadly and happily, yes
      thank you

      12.06.17 at 06.23

  2. at the risk of sounding like a bio-geek, i have read that the diaphragm and lungs are doing the same action whether we are laughing or crying. it is like part of our body doesn’t know the difference… for me, that makes this poem even more potent, it makes me laugh-cry-laugh 😉 lovely words.

    12.06.16 at 16.08

    • thanks – i didn’t know that, that does make it kinda cooler, cheers 😀

      12.06.16 at 16.20

  3. I love these thoughts. Makes me long for that. 🙂

    12.06.16 at 12.18

  4. TheOthers1

    Sad to think about.

    12.06.16 at 10.45

  5. beautiful….

    12.06.16 at 10.41

  6. tears fall when they have to…better to have them fall when they need to…best to have them fall when you want them to.

    12.06.16 at 10.38

    • very true and beautifully put

      12.06.16 at 10.50

  7. I Agree, Sir. There’s Much MUCH Truth In This One.

    12.06.16 at 10.33

  8. Oh, this is so true…

    12.06.16 at 10.31

    • glad you see it 🙂

      12.06.16 at 10.53

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