A bit of an exhibitionist

i guess i’m a bit of an exhibitionist. i’ve always been turned on by the idea of being watched whilst performing a sexual act, particularly masturbation. so, i’m thrilled when i see that you’ve installed a hidden video camera in my room and decide to put on a real show for you.

i kneel naked in the middle of the bed, making sure that i am in the camera’s field of view, and start stroking myself gently. I am already erect and use just my finger and thumb so you can see its full, twitching length. i look away from the camera, i don’t want you to think that i know you are watching me. i pour lotion over my chest and belly. it is creamy and white and suggestive as i work it into my body, before drizzling more in thick rivulets over the tip of my bulging cock, rubbing it in with long slow pumps of my fist, letting it dribble over and through my fingers.

i take my time and lean back, my chest rising and falling rapidly as my breath quickens. i hold my hand still and let my hips do the work and my orgasm rises suddenly and explosively, shaking the bed and drawing a long satisfied moan from my lips as cum shoots in long thick streaks from my thrashing cock. i mouth your name as i come, not wanting to be too obvious and hope that you’re  recording this in good enough quality to see my cum squirt and dribble over and down my shuddering chest and belly, running stickily through my fingers. my orgasm fades in long eye-watering gasps and i lift my head and slip three cum covered fingers into my mouth, tasting them and letting a little drip over my lip and down my chin before collapsing back onto the bed, a quivering, panting mess.

the next day you explain that you suspect the cleaner of stealing and have put hidden cameras around the place in the hope of catching him out. you smile and wink, before heading off to work.

i can tell by the way your friends giggle and whisper that they have all seen it. i should be mortified by this but i am, in fact, thrilled. i guess i’m a bit of an exhibitionist.

27 responses

  1. deviantdiaries

    oh my i may need to go take care of a little something this post inspired…but there are no cameras to provide evidence

    12.06.20 at 09.28

    • more often than not imagination paints a far more vivid picture than any photographic evidence ever can 😉

      12.06.20 at 09.42

      • deviantdiaries

        oh, so no going on xhamster to further inspire me 🙂

        12.06.20 at 09.51

        • you haven’t seen me on xhamster already?

          12.06.21 at 17.24

          • deviantdiaries

            well..possibly though of course i usually check out vids without faces 🙂

            12.06.22 at 14.21

  2. PAZ

    Haha. I love how you manage to write a funny little ending like that.

    12.06.20 at 01.10

    • thanks, it raises it just above the level of masturbation fantasy if i can add a joke or a twist or the semblance of a plot lol

      12.06.20 at 09.41

      • PAZ


        12.06.20 at 18.02

      • PAZ

        I absolutely love the degrees poem.

        12.06.20 at 19.49

        • thank you

          12.06.21 at 05.53

          • PAZ

            I think I’ll read it again tonight and hope for another dream. meheheh

            12.06.21 at 17.10

            • i love it when you read things again

              12.06.21 at 17.18

              • PAZ

                Especially poems!

                12.06.21 at 17.21

              • PAZ

                Especially erotic poems!

                12.06.21 at 17.21

                • i’ll make a point of writing more then

                  12.06.21 at 17.24

                  • PAZ

                    Maybe I can try my hand at some too. (Pun intended.)

                    12.06.21 at 17.31

                    • with an eye for puns like that, you just gotta

                      12.06.21 at 17.39

  3. Mmmmmm…

    12.06.20 at 00.33

  4. Do I owe you money?

    12.06.19 at 14.38

    • not a penny 🙂

      12.06.19 at 15.20

  5. always enjoy a good exhibit. sure beats the 4-H exhibits at the fair, tho they ain’t half bad! 😉

    12.06.19 at 10.31

    • any time you want a viewing rhonda, just ask

      12.06.19 at 10.48

      • ask? that would be cheating. and missing the point methinks!

        12.06.19 at 10.49

  6. TheOthers1

    I think exhibitionistic and voyeur like desires go hand and hand. To watch and be watched is so sexy. 🙂

    12.06.19 at 09.25

    • absolutely 😆

      12.06.19 at 10.16

  7. (Big grin)

    12.06.19 at 09.14

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