Calling all word whores

I just want to thank everyone for the fantastic and pant stretching response to my Word whore post yesterday. The tee-shirts are going to take some time, especially considering Jayne’s fantastic idea of using the orifices of the ‘o’ and ‘e’ to add a little viscerality to the design.

In the mean time please help yourselves to these official “I am a word whore” buttons. They are available in a variety of colours (more available on request) and can be posted on your site or printed out and stapled to your forehead. Display them, share them, sell them on eBay or sue me for calling you a whore, just have fun with them.


26 responses

  1. How about; I’M A TONGUE WHORE?

    13.01.08 at 23.19

    • you write the post and i’ll ‘like’ it 🙂

      13.01.09 at 07.01

  2. You called?

    12.09.23 at 16.53

    • and you answered… yay!

      12.09.23 at 16.56

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  5. They are so cool – I’d like to have one in a real hot pink colour :-}

    12.06.21 at 14.54

  6. I have now proudly displayed my new badge on my blog, thankyouverymuch! Oh, and it links back to this post… 🙂

    12.06.19 at 21.19

  7. gypsy116


    12.06.19 at 17.36

  8. eroticexploration


    12.06.19 at 15.35

    • you’re too kind

      12.06.19 at 15.45

  9. that is some excellent pins… would be a proud wearer…

    12.06.19 at 14.52

    • help yourself honey

      12.06.19 at 15.18

  10. I’ll wear one on each nipple just to get the confused reaction on people’s faces.

    12.06.19 at 12.50

    • i’d love to see that – maybe for gillian’s next game?

      12.06.19 at 15.17

      • not gonna happen – a second picture won’t be easy to come up with

        12.06.19 at 17.56

  11. always wanted to be a pin wearin’, card carryin’ WW. think i’ll grab a pink one. ty 🙂

    12.06.19 at 10.24

  12. This is great Kyle!

    12.06.19 at 09.00

  13. Love it!

    12.06.19 at 08.56

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