Everybody is beautiful today.
Everything just shines.
A candy wrapper
Snuggles cosily
With a condom in the gutter.

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  2. TemptingSweets99

    Good to see the beauty in everything! 🙂

    12.06.21 at 18.15

    • thanks luv – it is, isn’t it? gonna do more in this series and just about to post the next ‘instalment’

      12.06.21 at 18.17

      • TemptingSweets99

        Looking forward to reading the next instalment. BTW, how come your site no longer has a name (when I get email notifications). It no longer says Kylemew. Instead it reads “wordpress” or nothing at all. Did you leave the title section blank?

        12.06.21 at 18.24

        • ah, maybe, lemme have a look
          and thanks

          12.06.21 at 18.25

        • ah, maybe, lemme have a look
          and thanks

          fixed, i think x

          12.06.21 at 18.26

  3. couldn’t agree more. today is a very good day…..can only get better i think! 😉

    12.06.20 at 10.27

    • it will get better if we want it to

      12.06.20 at 10.49

      • i do, i want, and it will.

        12.06.20 at 11.01

  4. Wow–even the trash is friendly and sweet–love this!

    12.06.20 at 10.21

  5. lol 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is awesome so far 🙂

    12.06.20 at 09.54

  6. Loving today too!

    12.06.20 at 09.51

    • its the only way

      12.06.20 at 09.55

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