A lesson

So Mickey’s boy, Brad, ‘as come ‘ome all pissed off and upset and cryin’ and shit, know what I mean. ‘parently ‘im an’ ‘is mates was pissing on some homeless cunt while ‘e was asleep, when the cunt gets up an’ smacks one of Brad’s mates right in the kisser an’ scares the shit out of ’em all. Little cunt’s only fuckin’ nine, know what I mean?

Any’ow, they’ve torn up his cardboard fucking castle an’ chucked some bricks at ‘im an’ shit, but Brad’s mate’s proper shook up an’ that.

Nah, don’t get me wrong, I love the fuckin’ ‘omeless, I always buy the Big Issue off that cunt that moves our rock down the Elephant, an’ I’ll chuck a dollar or two at any cunt what begs ‘ard enough. But this shit’s different, its on our own street and I ain’t puttin’ up wiv that, know what I mean?

So, we grab the kids and pay this fuckin’ toilet a visit an ‘teach the cunt a lesson. I learn sumffin’ too. I learn sumffin about ‘omeless people. I learn that they are ‘arder to set on fire than you might fink. Know what I mean?

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13 responses

  1. How comfortably you use the word “cunt.” I can’t quite seem to say it for real. I’m SUCH a pussy!


    12.06.22 at 05.30

    • i don’t like using it either but its how this guys speaks, i struggle to say it myself and hate its use to describe a vagina


      12.06.22 at 05.34

      • The word vagina is even more impossible for me to say without snickering like an idiot…even to a doctor.

        I really want to become The Erotic Lit Writer of the Century but I have some roadblocks to overcome….

        12.06.22 at 05.39

        • try this exercise – fill a page with filthy words

          12.06.22 at 05.43

          • I can’t because I now must sweat over a hot stove!

            I’ll try later.

            Bon appétit My Kyle!

            12.06.22 at 05.50

            • ah, sweat and hot, its a good start my dawn!

              12.06.22 at 06.00

  2. u da man

    12.06.22 at 00.13

  3. holy shit…know what i mean?

    12.06.21 at 20.22

  4. Wow! 😯

    12.06.21 at 19.39

  5. TemptingSweets99

    lesson well-learned. 😉

    12.06.21 at 18.50

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