Bead of sweat

the thermometer is reading ninety-fucking-mental and slow, lazy lines of sweat trickle down your body, tracing the curves of your breasts and belly and thighs in long, slow lines. i follow them with my mouth, saline dribbles wet against my lips. i chase a little rivulet down your spine to its tip with my tongue.

i kneel and pull your cheeks apart and watch as the tiny droplet of sweat slides slowly down between them. you start to touch yourself as the tip of my tongue meets the bead of sweat and i feel you quiver at the feather-light touch of my lips on your ass. i kiss you like i would kiss your mouth, luxuriously and wet. your hips thrust and delirious moans explode from your chest and, as your orgasm builds, i feel you twitch and relent and i push my tongue into you as you come. sweat pours down you, in the heat of your passion and the day, as my hands clasp your butt cheeks greedily as my tongue plunges deep into you and you shudder and scream as you orgasm blasts through your whole body like a thousand tiny firecrackers dancing through your every nerve.

after, we collapse in a hot and sticky heap, we grin and hug and remind each other just how much we love each other.

25 responses

  1. Mmmmmmmmmm!

    12.06.22 at 05.32

    • best comment ever

      12.06.22 at 05.35

  2. You made me shiver.

    12.06.21 at 23.06

    • glad yo hear it my love

      12.06.22 at 05.27

      • Even in all that heat, you made me shiver. Thanks love.

        12.06.22 at 06.26

        • and even in the cold, you make we sweat

          12.06.22 at 06.30

  3. holy hot flash brit-man. yummmm! pass the salt will ya?

    12.06.21 at 20.46

  4. the crack of the ass yaz…

    12.06.21 at 20.26

  5. Holy smokes!!! This is haut!!!

    12.06.21 at 19.45

    • i was so hoping you’d like it

      12.06.21 at 19.49

  6. This woulda been perfect for reading at the beach earlier.

    12.06.21 at 19.08

    • you were at the beach? lucky you, its all hot and sweaty here in the city – i’ll write another one for you to take tomorrow

      12.06.21 at 19.49

  7. TheOthers1

    I stayed inside today so I avoided the heat. This though was an enjoyable heat.

    12.06.21 at 18.42

    • glad, ’cause your comment certainly warmed me up

      12.06.21 at 18.45

  8. well it’s cold here so thanks for warming me up

    12.06.21 at 18.37

    • a pleasure, treasure

      12.06.21 at 18.41

      • ah you have me blushing now

        12.06.21 at 18.42

  9. TemptingSweets99

    Yay! The title is back! Fixed! Funny, I was just talking about “hot and sticky” with a friend — how there are preferred ways to get hot and sticky as opposed to via hot and humid weather. The description in your story is the way to go. Very enjoyable. 🙂

    12.06.21 at 18.33

    • i’m glad you liked it but am kicking myself for not using the word ‘humid’ lol that could have worked rather well 😆

      12.06.21 at 18.44

      • TemptingSweets99

        LOL! What you initially wrote is just fine. 🙂

        12.06.21 at 18.52

        • thanks sweet x

          12.06.21 at 18.54

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