Is glorious,
Everyone looks beautiful.
I am in love with the whole world
I want to fuck and fight,
love and hate
And laugh and cry.
I want to make a million women come
And a million men weep.
I want to make things
And break things.
I want to stand on a mountain top,
Stark bollock naked,
As stiff as the wind,
In the driving rain
And beat my chest and roar.

22 responses

  1. Powerful, beautiful and wonderful. Stark bollock naked on a mountain top just replaced the loo image… not bad 😉

    12.06.25 at 08.19

    • thanks… i guess that’s a slight improvement 😉

      12.06.25 at 08.31

  2. While In Bootcamp, We Were Told That Our Core Values Were “Honor, Courage and Commitment.” In Reality, Once I Was Out In The Fleet and Aboard Ship… I Was Informed That The Core Values Of A Fleet-Sailor were “DRINK, FIGHT and FUCK” !!!
    Needless To Say… I Liked The Fleet Values Much More Than Those We Were Trained To Take To Heart and Respect.
    WOULDN’T You, My Friend???? I Sure As Shit Hope So! hehehe


    PS: Good Morning 😉 hehe

    12.06.25 at 07.31

    • yeah! “eat, fuck, kill, its all the same, right?” as a marine (pfc trombley) once said
      good morning mate 😉

      12.06.25 at 07.51

  3. haha! I did not only roar today… I neighed, purred, barked and even made chimpanzee sounds in my class today! It is beautiful indeed!

    12.06.25 at 04.00

    • chimp sounds? i’m honoured

      12.06.25 at 05.36

  4. Today, me too!

    12.06.25 at 00.21

    • any time jayne

      12.06.25 at 05.35

  5. Can I stand there with you? I may not roar. But I purr.

    12.06.24 at 21.50

    • that would be purrrfect

      12.06.25 at 05.35

  6. I’ll have what he’s having…

    12.06.24 at 20.37

  7. Today…you made me smile with this!!!

    12.06.24 at 19.11

    • today… that was all i wanted to do

      12.06.24 at 19.15

  8. today is just your tomorrow that hasn’t happened yet…i hope more of your tomorrows are like today!

    12.06.24 at 18.40

    • what a beautiful thing to say rhonda – thank you – i hope so too

      12.06.24 at 18.41

  9. TemptingSweets99

    More power to you! BTW, I posted my guesses re: your lies, below. Don’t forget to let me know if I’m right or not. 🙂

    12.06.24 at 18.35

    • thank you honey
      you were right about one of them

      12.06.24 at 18.38

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