Your giggle

YOUR giggle makes me stiff
makes me throb
makes me twitch

YOUR smile makes me shiver
makes me dribble
makes me quiver

YOUR laughter makes me hum
makes me drool
makes me come

27 responses

  1. …just the giggle i needed.

    12.06.24 at 21.47

  2. Giggle.

    12.06.24 at 17.09

    • yep, that works

      12.06.24 at 17.12

      • I just knew it would. Giggle, again.

        12.06.24 at 21.39

  3. Love it!

    12.06.24 at 16.52

    • YOUR comment makes me smile

      12.06.24 at 16.54

  4. SOL

    12.06.24 at 14.20

  5. Hell yeah Kyle!

    12.06.24 at 13.42

    • hell thanks sandee

      12.06.24 at 13.47

  6. TemptingSweets99


    12.06.24 at 12.58

  7. Drooling and cumming …lol!

    12.06.24 at 12.55

    • my two favourite things lol

      12.06.24 at 13.46

  8. I’m sure if this was true, YOU are the reason behind her giggles, smiles and laughter!

    12.06.24 at 12.21

    • thanks – i hope so

      12.06.24 at 13.46

      • gee…did I say that out loud? oops

        12.06.24 at 14.17

    • he was. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      12.06.24 at 14.16

  9. what about my cellulite? there’s a challenge for ya My Kyle. (nothing rhymes with cellulite! I’m nearly ready for my post-quitting-smoking diet which will involve sewing my own mouth closed so tightly that I won’t be able to insert a straw through which you know I would just sip gin at all times.

    Bisous From a Dimpled Ass Blog Chick

    12.06.24 at 12.15

    • i’ll find something to to rhyme with cellulite dawn, i will not rest until i have

      12.06.24 at 13.28

  10. Smuttastically SWEET, Kyle! hehehe Gotta Love It!!!

    12.06.24 at 12.10

    • โ€œsmuttasticallyโ€ fuckin love it brad โ€“ thanks dude

      12.06.24 at 17.57

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