You kneel, naked, trembling slightly on the emerald satin sheets. In the corner sits a little old lady playing on a gameboy. She seems oblivious to you and to the gaggle of naked, erect, young men that stand around you.You take hold of a large, hard cock in each hand and squeeze them, pulling them towards you, feeling their desire to be inside you manifest as tiny shivers of yearning that run up their impressive lengths. You feel more press against the soft flesh of your butt and belly and the gentle splash of cum on your breasts and back, accompanied by the moans of orgasm as hands and lips and cum seem to caress your every inch.

The ceiling fan blows chilly air and faint music over you. Everywhere you look you see well toned men touching themselves and each other, strong powerful arms, passionately coaxing fountains of cum from a dozen throbbing pricks.

Two men push themselves against you, from in front and behind, pressing their hard cocks like hot steel into you and they are both about to enter you when you wake up.

Your body tingles violently with the memory of the dream and your thighs and the sheet are wet with your juices. I am asleep next to you and you can see that, under the sheet, I am stiff. Peeling it off, you carefully straddle me and, without waking me, you place the tip of my quivering shaft inside you. As you slam yourself down onto me, you slap me across the face and giggle as my expression turns from startled to delighted.

17 responses

  1. PAZ

    Only you would think of an old lady with a Gameboy. Was it an old-school Gameboy or one of the new ones?

    12.06.27 at 17.58

    • she has been haunting my dreams of late and i felt that she needed exorcising – it was a game boy advance like the one i was addicted to before they invented smart phones – good question paz

      12.06.28 at 04.36

      • PAZ

        I used to be so addicted to the Playstation before my brother moved out and took it with him, but I have yet to own a smart phone.

        Anyway, hope the old lady isn’t haunting you now!

        You’re wonderfulness! 🙂

        12.06.30 at 20.07

        • she is but its cool – thank you for being wonderful

          12.07.01 at 04.50

  2. Damnit, Kyle, you’ve been in my bedroom again! 😛 At least the after dream part.
    That’s my favorite way to wake up Hubby

    12.06.26 at 01.01

    • i bet its his favourite way too

      12.06.26 at 04.45

  3. Kyle..You threw me twice on this! First the old lady in the corner…..haha. I rather enjoyed the “As you slam yourself down onto me,” yummm. On another note… the dick splatter decor on your “The Total Dick Award” is fantabulous I must say.

    12.06.25 at 22.30

    • i was hoping you’d dig this tale – i’m thinking of using that splatter on my new header too – thanks darling

      12.06.26 at 04.40

  4. TheOthers1

    The presence of the old lady with the gameboy made that dream that much more interesting. Nice little slap and tickle then. 🙂

    12.06.25 at 12.52

    • she’s been haunting my dreams, i thought she needed exorcising lol

      12.06.25 at 13.30

  5. Now, that’s a Slumber Party

    12.06.25 at 11.47

  6. ahhhh, nothing like a good ol’ slap and tickle eh?

    12.06.25 at 11.29

    • 🙂

      12.06.25 at 11.29

    • that’s a good way to put it

      12.06.25 at 12.20

  7. Red Light Lady

    Mmm… Very hot 😉

    12.06.25 at 11.27

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