I do this thing

I do this thing, when I pass a beautiful woman on the street. I make this wow face. Sometimes I look back and get an eyefull  of her arse too. A good friend of mine pointed out to me that this was kinda sexist, and I guess she’s right. So, I amended  my behaviour. Now I make that wow face whenever I pass any woman on the street.

42 responses

  1. You make a wow face! That’s interesting – when I was in Slovenia guys kept doing that (as they evidently admire middle aged matrons there) and I thought it was really weird – so ‘out there’. But I’m glad you apply it so evenly now among the female pop.

    12.07.14 at 04.48

    • as an admirer of middle aged matrons, thank you

      12.07.14 at 06.02

  2. sorry – I did get it. I’ve been away a little more than I used to. See how crazy I get? I’m quietly leaving your blog building now. : )

    12.06.29 at 13.14

    • stay as long as you like jayne

      12.06.30 at 05.28

  3. I think it’s flattering – hell, you’re not grabbing their ass. It’s not sexist! – it’s appreciation of beauty. We can’t stop that ever!
    Anyway – I didn’t get this post on my updates! I’m starting to get mad at WordPress’ inability to get it together better. I was missing you and came here to your blog. I’m knocking on your hard door and then pressing myself up against it.

    12.06.29 at 13.12

    • yeah – wordpress is bugging me too lately – come on in jayne you are always more than welcome

      12.06.30 at 05.27

  4. I hope to pass you on the street, I like to wow! but then again, now you said you will do it to all, so I will no longer feel special! 🙂

    12.06.29 at 09.47

    • but if it was you, i’d stop and chat and try to get your number

      12.06.29 at 09.50

  5. equal opportunity arse-wowing works for me. it has to be well-timed and of appropriate duration, however, so as to not be drawn out as an arse-gawk…i suspect you have the art well refined.

    12.06.29 at 02.46

    • i try to be modern, i really do, but i’m just a cave man at heart i guess

      12.06.29 at 09.09

  6. That’s way better. 😀

    12.06.28 at 16.04

    • thank you sugar 😆

      12.06.29 at 09.08

  7. that response was the kindest sweetest thing
    thank you xoxoxoxoxo

    12.06.28 at 13.37

    • wow!

      12.06.29 at 07.33

      • BIG wow
        it was really beautiful
        it is really beautiful ………..
        Thank You …..x

        12.06.29 at 08.34

  8. TheOthers1

    Lol. That’s better. 🙂

    12.06.28 at 12.09

    • i try – i don’t always get it right – but i try

      12.06.28 at 13.12

  9. Nice! And all that facial exercise will prevent wrinkles!

    12.06.28 at 10.24

    • ahah – too late for that, i’m afraid. all my wrinkles are happiness related tho – well 95% are

      12.06.28 at 13.11

  10. That is going to be an exhausting amount of wows, but props for the effort 🙂

    12.06.28 at 10.09

    • every wow is for a wonderful beautiful person – we are all beautiful

      12.06.28 at 13.09

  11. TemptingSweets99

    Oh, go ahead a get an eyeful of her arse, too. Go ahead. 🙂

    12.06.28 at 10.04

    • women are just so beautiful – why has no one pointed this out to the feminists? surely this can only help their cause

      12.06.28 at 13.08

  12. My husband has a noise that goes with the face if it’s a really good view! Reeer. lol

    12.06.28 at 09.46

    • we men are such dogs – sorry but i wouldn’t have it any other way – thank you hasty

      12.06.28 at 13.06

  13. I’m wow’d by both sexes…therefore…totally not sexist.

    12.06.28 at 09.20

    • yay ‘bella – did i tell you that i love you?

      12.06.28 at 13.05

  14. I’ve got to stop doing this myself — it’s sexist? Oh well!

    12.06.28 at 08.17

    • we are like-minded souls sandee

      12.06.28 at 13.04

  15. That could take you ages to get anywhere!

    12.06.28 at 08.10

    • that’s cool with me – women are so beautiful

      12.06.28 at 13.03

      • PAZ

        They are, aren’t they!

        12.06.29 at 19.29

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