Well, fuck me!

you position the mirror against the wall, so you can see me gasp as you enter me, but first you make me lick it and take it in my mouth. the other end of the strap-on rubs against your clit as you push it hard down my throat and you moan softly with primitive pleasure as you tell me to turn around and get on all fours.

you fuck me slowly at first but deeply and call me names and tell me i’m your whore, asking me to repeat it and i do. each thrust of your hips gets you hotter and wetter and when you reach around and grab my dick, you squeal with delight to find that its stiff and twitching, that i like you fucking me. you are possessed with an almost animal lust as your passion rises and your clit throbs, your sweet juices running down your thighs, my gasps mingling with your panting, your guttural cries of pleasure, as you fill me over and over. i feel your orgasm shudder through you like an electric storm, shaking you, shaking me, rocking the bed. you make me come at the same time, pushing my head forward and down so that i get a face full of my own cum.

afterwards we lay in each others arms and kiss and giggle and you ask if i have any fantasies we can live out too, and i tell you that we just did. i suggest that you have me suck it afterwards next time and you slap me and tell me i am outrageously disgusting, but i see the twinkle in your eye, i know what you are thinking.

37 responses

  1. Hmmm… LOVE this. Fact or fantasy?

    12.07.03 at 00.44

    • that would be telling

      12.07.03 at 07.03

  2. damn

    12.07.02 at 21.59

  3. there certainly is room for a frosted lipped cupcake here…

    12.07.02 at 17.31

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I like that I am never sure who does what to who
    so I can just put my own spin on your thoughts as i read..
    hmmmm usually end up where your words finish LOls..
    Good as always Kyle…
    Take Care

    12.07.02 at 15.04

    • thank you sugar – i hope my words take you somewhere interesting

      12.07.02 at 16.39

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        it always does !

        12.07.02 at 16.52

  5. so…let me catch up. it’s a she fucking a he and it’s her fantasy but it’s really his too. good so far? okay…so what color is the strap on dick? what?…i happen to need that little detail.

    12.07.02 at 14.02

    • its a pasty white, like mine but bigger

      12.07.02 at 14.55

      • thanks…now how big was yours again? (and do yourself a favor, use inches instead of cm…sounds bigger!)

        12.07.02 at 16.39

        • i’ve never measured it – its tiny, i promise you

          12.07.02 at 16.41

    • ok, yeah she is fucking him – she wants to but he likes it more than perhaps he should admit – pasty white is the colour

      12.07.02 at 16.40

  6. mmmhhh … should of read this in a more private setting

    12.07.02 at 12.03

    • and i probably should not have written it in the public library – apparently public masturbation is illegal here – i wish someone had told me

      12.07.02 at 12.07

      • lol … well you do know you are not meant to talk in them so your groans and shouts were inappropriate 🙂

        12.07.02 at 12.08

  7. Love it. Thanks.

    12.07.02 at 11.32

    • good, know that i am gonna reblog your ode soon – it was marvellous and i am gonna do an ode to masturbation along side it

      12.07.02 at 12.06

      • I’m not sure which one you mean — whatever you reblog of mine would be an honor — add to that an ode to masturbation — yee ha! Your piece above (which gives me the shivers btw) reminds me of the chap who wanted me to use a bottle on him…

        12.07.02 at 13.19

        • i love the idea that my sick little mind could give you the shivers – what a delightful phrase – i hope you did – sounds scary but scary can be good

          12.07.02 at 13.45

  8. eroticexploration

    Oh Kyle, deliciously filthy, love it!!,

    12.07.02 at 11.30

    • i so hoped you would

      12.07.02 at 12.04

  9. deviantdiaries

    Oh wow nice!

    12.07.02 at 10.25

    • i was kinda hoping you’d like that

      12.07.02 at 10.40

      • deviantdiaries


        12.07.02 at 11.05

  10. I love your outrageously filthy mind 😉

    12.07.02 at 10.25

    • stop encouraging me 😉

      12.07.02 at 10.40

      • But why Kyle…when your filthy..dirty..deliciously sexy thoughts…only encourage more of my own….which leads to…well you get it.

        12.07.02 at 12.36

  11. Oh, that’s so familiar to me 🙂 , although I never got that perfect experrience with it untill now. But it still feels well nice. 🙂

    12.07.02 at 10.25

    • i’m glad it hit a note – wasn’t sure if i should publish it or not, so glad it went down well

      12.07.02 at 10.40

      • I’m really glad you published it, I surely enjoyed it! 🙂

        12.07.02 at 16.17

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