Ode to masturbation

bash the bishop, spank the monkey,
slap the salami and tickle your pickle.
by any other name
it would be just as beautiful.

polish the pearl, pump the keg.
slam the clam and beat the meat.
by and other name
it would be just as sweet

clap your clit and flick your bean
jack off, jill off, hit the slit
whatever you call it
just fucking do it

inspired by this wonderful piece

18 responses

  1. I don’t need much more encouragement than that! lol

    12.07.03 at 22.47

    • and your comment is all the encouragement i need

      12.07.04 at 06.00

  2. Jaen Wirefly

    It definitively distracted me for a moment.

    12.07.03 at 18.55

    • i glad it did – thank you

      12.07.03 at 18.57

      • Jaen Wirefly

        LOL YW;)

        12.07.03 at 18.57

  3. TheOthers1

    Hit the slit? I’m on it!

    12.07.03 at 13.52

  4. I like flick your bean…frequently!

    Big “O” kiss,

    12.07.03 at 13.05

  5. “Loping The Mule” Was Always My Favorite 😉

    12.07.03 at 13.04

    • a good one too 😉

      12.07.03 at 13.05

  6. TemptingSweets99

    LOL! I love this! And I’m doing it right NOW! :-d

    12.07.03 at 12.44

    • hey, that makes two of us (well there’s probably more than two of us, but you know what i mean)

      12.07.03 at 12.50

      • TemptingSweets99


        12.07.03 at 12.52

  7. And you call yourself a brit….where’s the wanker???? 😉

    12.07.03 at 12.27

    • he’s sitting right here reading your comment

      12.07.03 at 12.30

      • rofl. well ok then…as long as the wanker gets his due somehow in this ode!

        12.07.03 at 12.35

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