The riding crop

“I didn’t know you were into horses.” I say as we enter the bedroom and I see the riding crop hung on the door.
“I’m not,” you tell me, “never been on a horse in my life. That’s for you.” You watch me undress and walk round me in slow circles, stroking me gently with the tip of the whip, enjoying my fear, teasing me, drawing out the anticipation of pain and surrender. You thrill to the sound of my whimpering as the crop stings my back and thighs and belly, you giggle at my flinching at each burning strike. You stand close, close enough for me to feel your heat, the gorgeous smell of your pussy wafting into my mind, telling me how hot this makes you. I can feel your erect nipples against my bare back as you whisper in my ear “You know what I want to hear?” I nod and say “Yes. You want to hear me scream.”
“That’s right,” you grin, “I wanna hear you squeal like a stuck pig.” and we both know you will “You know what I want to hear more?” you murmur and I don’t so you tell me. “I want to hear you beg me to stop. I want you to beg knowing that I won’t.” You have me raise my arms over my head so that I can’t protect myself from the rain of biting leather that pours down on my trembling flesh.”Had enough?” you smile sweetly, wiping a tear from my eye and I nod meekly “Then why do you have such an erection?” you giggle, stroking the tip of the riding crop gently down the full length of my twitching member.”Your mouth says ‘no’ but your cock says ‘more’.” You order me to stand perfectly still as you bring the leather down hard on my stiff prick, making it bounce in the cold evening air and drawing a shriek from me and you slip your other hand down between your legs, wetting your swollen clit with the juice from your pussy and slipping your fingers into my mouth before striking my cock again.

“Make yourself come.” you tell me and I grab hold of my cock and begin to stroke it up and down, feeling my orgasm rise quickly through me like jungle fires and as I start to come, you bring the crop down hard on my balls, knocking the air out of me and dropping me to the floor. Pain and pleasure mix as adrenaline and endorphins course through my whole frame, making me dizzy, the two opposing sensations competing in my soul as my body curls up and cum splashes over me.

I am still getting my breath back when you lay back on the bed and push my head between your legs. As the intensity of your orgasm consumes you, so the intensity of the blows on my back and butt grows stronger, my muffled yelps vibrating your whole pussy and giving you an orgasm that shakes your whole body, the cries of your pleasure mixing with mine of pain.

15 responses

  1. Well, that one is really good, enjoyed it from the begining to the end!

    12.07.04 at 02.45

    • i’m so glad you enjoyed it – i’ll have to write more and am open to any suggestions you have 😉

      12.07.04 at 06.03

      • Anything with a bit of BDSM stuff applies to me. 😀 What about a threesome – one woman, two bisexual guys or that’s too much? 🙂

        12.07.04 at 15.51

        • oh no not at all, that’s a delicious suggestion – who do you think should be in charge?

          12.07.04 at 15.54

          • The top guy being in charge is quite interesting ;). But my first thought was the woman, I guess you would prefer to write for a woman in charge. 🙂

            12.07.04 at 16.05

            • i think i could come up with a way for both of those to be the case – gimme some time to think about it and watch this space 🙂

              12.07.04 at 16.48

              • I’ll definitely look forward to read any of the variants. And someday I may even try to write one myself. 😀 😀

                12.07.04 at 16.55

                • i’d love to see that and may even throw down a challenge to you

                  12.07.04 at 16.57

                  • Don’t expect much from me, I was way better in doing it, than I’ll ever be in writing it down. 😀

                    12.07.04 at 17.19

  2. I may have to confine my reading of your posts to a certain time, otherwise I’ll never get anything else done…

    12.07.03 at 11.51

    • that’s the nicest thing anybody has ever said

      12.07.03 at 12.02

  3. wow kyle…pleasure and pain…i get the connection emotionally but just can’t wrap my head around it physically. fantasy or real, this is a wicked visual. quite a bag of tricks you carry around in your mind…gotta give you ‘crops’ for this one! 😉

    12.07.03 at 11.21

    • ‘crops’ very good, love it

      12.07.03 at 11.34

  4. Love it…. but…have you been talking to my other half hehehe 😉

    Thank you so much for writing this

    12.07.03 at 11.14

    • hehe – i guess great minds do think alike

      12.07.03 at 11.15

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