Flavour saver

i have this little triangle of hair, just under my bottom lip. if i let it grow a bit, it stops being rough and bristly and becomes soft and ticklish.

i’m gonna tickle your pussy with it when i lick your clit.

18 responses

  1. TemptingSweets99

    and i’m gonna drench that soft patch with my delicious juices and sweet scent. 🙂

    12.07.04 at 00.52

    • that would be sweet sweets 😆

      12.07.04 at 06.02

  2. You are my favorite

    12.07.03 at 21.00

    • and you just made my whole day by telling me that

      12.07.04 at 05.57

  3. ok…between you and dawn, i can no longer look at tickle me elmo in the presence of minors! thanks a LOT!

    12.07.03 at 18.18

    • aww sorry lol

      12.07.03 at 18.23

      • aww, that’s ok. I’ll just crawl into the trash can with Oscar and we’ll do a little slap and tickle of our own! He’s got a nice little soul patch too!

        12.07.03 at 18.24

  4. Mmmm….soft hair….tongue…whichever.

    12.07.03 at 17.44

    • both then

      12.07.03 at 17.45

      • Nice….my nipples hardened at your response : )

        12.07.03 at 17.50

        • mine too – and not just my nipples

          12.07.03 at 17.54

          • not just your nipples hard…has my mouth watering…wonder what’s with that?

            12.07.03 at 17.58

            • and not just your mouth, i hope

              12.07.03 at 18.00

  5. I love it when you talk dirty me

    12.07.03 at 15.43

    • then i shall continue to do so

      12.07.03 at 16.02

  6. My middle name is Elmo…I probably never told you.

    12.07.03 at 15.19

    • elmo – i love it – tickle me dawn

      12.07.03 at 15.21

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