One thing
that I have learned
from my mistakes,
is that
I never learn
from my mistakes.

14 responses

  1. Me too! 😀

    12.07.04 at 16.49

    • long may we keep it up

      12.07.04 at 16.52

  2. Maybe you like repeating the learning process? Plus, you get to be naughty and spanked for it over and over?

    12.07.04 at 14.19

    • not the best of deterrents for me, i gotta admit 😉

      12.07.04 at 14.24

  3. methinks you’ve learned plenty; and could teach a thing or two. but for the sake of argument…let’s hope the mistakes you repeat are worth repeating. one man’s mistakes are another woman’s fantasy. 😉 here’s to that mew…

    12.07.04 at 14.13

    • now they’re the kind of mistakes i like making – opps, i think i made another

      12.07.04 at 14.22

      • just keep making the same ones will ya? living vicariously through your mistakes hoping I’ll learn to make my own.

        12.07.04 at 14.23

        • you got it

          12.07.04 at 14.25

          • good…thought you were thinking of becoming “proper”…that just WON’T do. stay sexy, we depend on it.

            12.07.04 at 14.26

  4. eroticexploration

    Indeed 🙂

    12.07.04 at 14.07

  5. TemptingSweets99

    Ha ha! WHEN will you learn? 🙂

    12.07.04 at 14.04

    • never i hope 😆

      12.07.04 at 14.09

      • TemptingSweets99


        12.07.04 at 14.10

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