Empty bed

I wake
In an empty bed,
I wake
With you on my mind
And so,
I wake
With a smile
And a hard on.

I sleep
In an empty bed,
I sleep
With you in my dreams
And so,
I dream
Of fucking you
Up the ass.

24 responses

  1. deviantdiaries

    You give the best (head) poetry. I love your surprise endings….they’re way better than all that happily ever after shit 🙂

    12.07.07 at 11.05

    • i hate happy endings – if i had a decent enough imagination, i would kill every character i ever created – maybe leave one alive to grieve maybe

      12.07.07 at 11.07

  2. You should write commercials for Astroglide. Best anal lube ever. Ever!

    Just sayin’. 😉

    12.07.06 at 22.14

    • would i get a lifetime supply, do you think?

      12.07.07 at 06.11

      • Probably. But you might be contractually obligated to document its useage. (On film, of course.) And provide copies. In triplicate.

        Perhaps you should look into your own sub (heh) brand…

        12.07.07 at 20.37

  3. Wow. You are ever the romantic!! 🙂

    12.07.06 at 21.25

    • my heart beats as hard as my cock throbs bird 😆

      12.07.07 at 06.11

  4. Ever the fucking classic romantic.

    12.07.06 at 19.49

    • lol, that’s me

      12.07.07 at 06.08

  5. Dirty naughty boy 😉 I like it

    12.07.06 at 16.31

    • and i like it when you call me a dirty naughty boy 😉

      12.07.07 at 06.07

  6. a regular disney moment k…may all your dreams come true 😉

    12.07.06 at 13.08

    • amen to that

      12.07.06 at 15.06

      • a prayer ender and disney in the same day…you just might get lucky. wouldn’t that be a nice thing for you. 😉

        12.07.06 at 16.16

  7. *smirks*My imagination loves this.

    12.07.06 at 10.40

    • the imagination is our most erogenous zone. my imagination can make me stiffer than a room full of naked, wet women – damn, i just imagined that room, back in about an hour or two 😉

      12.07.06 at 10.44

      • Mmmm…Lets masturbate to that!

        12.07.06 at 14.46

        • what else?

          12.07.06 at 15.06

          • hmm….I don’t know…pretty turned on right now…can’t think clearly enough to answer that…and why I can’t even sext..haha.

            12.07.06 at 15.19

  8. TemptingSweets99

    Not so empty, then. 🙂

    12.07.06 at 10.08

    • not when it comes to having to change the sheets, i guess 😛

      12.07.06 at 10.14

      • TemptingSweets99

        LOL! 😉

        12.07.06 at 10.17

  9. eroticexploration


    12.07.06 at 10.04

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