i asked a friend,
a she,
why she wanted
so much
to be by the sea.

it makes me
feel free,
she said to me,
i want an island
and to swim you see?

i get that,
i said,
but tell me now,
why an island,
not an archipelago?

it could be
an isthmus
or a peninsular,
i don’t give a fuck,
as long we are

pirates building
in the sand,
salt in our hair,
your cock
in my hand.

41 responses

  1. All these comments…and not one about a booty call (see what I did there?)

    12.07.11 at 08.47

    • haha yes, brilliant

      12.07.12 at 05.19

  2. kilobrush

    interesting word play.

    12.07.08 at 11.57

  3. I’ve got a dirty short story about some pirates 😉 people who’ve read it have liked it a lot, I might post it on my blog soon.

    12.07.08 at 08.28

    • you really should, especially if you’re getting good feedback – you’ll never know unless you try and please feel free to post a link here – i, for one, will read it.

      12.07.08 at 08.37

      • Yeah I just started my blog yesterday, I only have a handful of views, but only one erotic story up so far, about a gladiator 😉 http://wp.me/p2zB09-r

        12.07.08 at 08.43

        • good luck with that max – it can be slow at first but keep posting and reading other blogs and liking and commenting and, before you know it you will have hundreds of followers.
          one thing i think i’ve learned is that a lot of blog readers are not looking for lengthy reads – i have a rule: for every 100 words over 500, expect half as many readers. love your avatar btw, very piratey

          12.07.08 at 08.58

  4. nice!

    12.07.08 at 04.05

    • thank you gorgeous

      12.07.08 at 05.31

  5. I don’t remember the last part, but otherwise, I like it.

    12.07.07 at 19.59

    • i think they said something in the bible about building on sand – poets are like sand, we add, we subtract, we shift like the sands themselves – i could write this a million times and each time it would change – glad you liked most of it though – thank you for commenting – shame i don’t have a “liked most of it” button or i am sure you would have clicked it

      12.07.07 at 20.12

      • sand, like time, slipping through our fingers.

        12.07.07 at 20.18

        • very true la la and thank you again, sand is precious and beautiful but fleeting and unstable and not something to build on

          12.07.07 at 20.24

  6. TemptingSweets99

    Love this!

    12.07.07 at 19.34

  7. pirates playing in the sand
    your treasured bounty in her hand
    oh ho…the family jewels in peril

    the salty sea your eyes may blind
    you to the motives of her mind
    she’ll fling your arse over a barrel

    when the jewel box she does hold
    reveals your bounty is not gold
    she’ll turn you loose and you’ll go feral

    another pirate mate she’ll snare
    again & again & again she’ll dare
    until she finds her golden hero

    she’s sailed the seas from days of old
    to quote yourself ” so I’m told ”
    for once stay home and send in Carol

    arrrrr….maybe this pirate’s been looking in the wrong box all along eh?

    12.07.07 at 11.40

    • wow – that’s gotta be the best ever response to a post i’ve ever had – thank you rhonda woman

      12.07.07 at 12.21

      • arrrrrrrr – yer welcome matey

        12.07.07 at 12.25

    • “she’ll turn you loose and you;ll go feral’….fabulous

      12.07.07 at 14.59

      • ha…hard to rhyme words with peril, i tell ya.
        learn something new everyday. arrrrrrr

        12.07.07 at 16.18

  8. Kana Tyler

    Love this!! I’m a sailor and an island-girl (and a pirate at heart)… Gotta share this one with the hubby 😉

    12.07.07 at 11.24

    • aaaarrrrr you now? thanks 😉

      12.07.07 at 12.20

  9. Sweet.

    12.07.07 at 11.20

    • aww thanks – never tell anyone else i’m sweet tho – it’d blow my cover lol

      12.07.07 at 12.19

  10. How romantic!


    12.07.07 at 11.04

    • pirates always aaarrrrr

      12.07.07 at 11.13

  11. I do love to be beside the seaside … lalalala

    12.07.07 at 10.55

    • that’s so beautifully british

      12.07.07 at 11.10

  12. deviantdiaries

    I shall never look at the beach the same again……inspirational!

    12.07.07 at 10.51

    • you may never have to … thank you

      12.07.07 at 11.10

  13. What a lucky pirate she is.

    12.07.07 at 10.05

    • this poem was inspired
      by a pirate of old
      she still sails the seas
      in search of her gold

      or so i am told

      12.07.07 at 10.27

  14. This lovely pirate of yours….you should definitely keep close to her shore!

    12.07.07 at 09.54

    • this pirate was just a dream

      12.07.07 at 10.22

      • *smiles*the shore in your dreams then. Speaking of shores….I’m going to go and lay upon one in a few …..have a lovely day you……xo’s

        12.07.07 at 11.04

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