a while back i posted a clip on you tube. within minutes they had taken it down and sent me a note warning me that if i posted anything like it again they would suspend, or even delete, my account. it was fair enough, you could see my dick in the video and i understood why you tube reacted the way they did, i mean you wouldn’t want children stumbling across content like that.

i understood, until yesterday that is, when someone sent me link to a you tube clip of a woman being shot repeatedly at point blank, in the back of the head, with an assault rifle, while a bunch of men and boys stood around cheering and praising god. apparently this was a punishment killing and her “crime” was adultery. although, when i read up a bit on the story it seems that by adultery what they actually meant was that she had been raped.

this wasn’t a movie. it happened. it happened yesterday. her name was najibia. the man that carried on firing 7.62 mm rounds into her lifeless body was her “husband” – i put that in quotes because that sure as fucking hell ain’t what i mean by the word.

you tube haven’t taken the clip down and i don’t have to revisit the page to know that they won’t. when i saw it, just hours after having been posted, it had received around 100,000 hits.

its good to know that you tube have got their priorities straight. here’s hoping that they continue to keep pictures of penises off the internet for many years to come.

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  1. Screwy!
    Violence = good
    Anatomy = bad (unless it is being shredded by shrapnel)

    12.07.13 at 15.20

  2. Youtube is being very inconsiderate to the family by not removing that video.

    12.07.10 at 22.07

  3. Horrifying…and of course brutal murder is somehow LESS harmful if children find it than the male anatomy…

    12.07.10 at 21.41

    • we live in a crazy world

      12.07.12 at 05.22

  4. Jaen Wirefly

    I don’t understand why the shooters aren’t prison?? Murder is a crime. This doesn’t makes sense.

    (BTW Why did you post your dick on Youtube?…Y’know…I’ve never asked anyone that before.)

    12.07.10 at 20.32

    • it was a dare

      12.07.12 at 05.22

      • Jaen Wirefly


        12.07.12 at 08.43

        • that would have been your reaction if you had seen the video 🙂

          12.07.12 at 08.44

          • Jaen Wirefly

            Really? What exactly did you do in this movie? Wait…never mind.


            12.07.12 at 08.46

            • it was a lot more innocent than you are probably imagining lol

              12.07.12 at 08.48

  5. Curious and depressing.

    12.07.10 at 19.23

    • yes, sadly, yes

      12.07.10 at 19.36

  6. Rhonda and I have been commenting about this back and forth on her blog .. This is so horrific and so disgusting – and it defies belief that any religion condones such inhumanity. We don’t learn from the worst moments in history and we are left shaking our heads and wondering what the hell does it take? How many deaths? How many ruined lives? This was an important post dear one, as hard as it was to post, and as off-topic though it might have been. I love you for putting it out there.

    12.07.10 at 16.24

    • i thought i was beyond shocking mimi. not so, it seems.

      12.07.10 at 19.35

  7. Tells me your dick is more dangerous. Probably correct. No?

    12.07.10 at 16.13

  8. eroticexploration

    Well said Kyle; very, very disturbing.

    12.07.10 at 15.46

    • it has haunted me

      12.07.10 at 19.23

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  10. rather see your penis than a woman’s head blown off

    12.07.10 at 13.19

    • how can i disagree with that?

      12.07.10 at 19.22

      • I bet you could try but then there is your vanity I’m sure 🙂

        12.07.10 at 19.33

  11. I don’t even know what to say…I am disgusted. A crime to humanity and some bastard somewhere thinks it ok to share on YouTube yet they find offense to nudity. I know sharing the video might mean bringing awareness to the issue but I doubt it…it’s disrespectful to the woman’s memory epecially if some morons are standing by laughing and praising some god over the killing of another woman. So what even if she committed adultery…bog fucking deal…I am so pissed

    12.07.10 at 12.38

    • i agree with you entirely – and i think adultery, or, unfaithfulness, whatever it gets called is wrong. but if a woman is unfaithful to me, i will tell her to fuck off and would expect the same – that, to me, seems like a fair response

      12.07.10 at 19.21

      • Absolutely…while adultery,cheating and all that is wrong…murder is worse. Like you said fuck off is easier to say and move on…too many men…too many women to become a monster over just one…regardless of how great they are.
        It’s a shame that in this current times…people are still so backward all in the name of religion and stuff…just evil in my opinion

        12.07.10 at 20.23

  12. deviantdiaries

    Well done…and the fact that you NAMED the victim….bold here for all to see… that means something. It gives her dignity..the naming. Every time I think about what women in America complain about and then see something like this it just reminds me to shut my mouth and say thank you. That story (when I saw it a couple of days ago)….made me sick to my stomach. I don’t think I can watch the video footage of it. Thank you for putting this out there….and the context you used about sex vs violence….brilliant as always!!

    12.07.10 at 11.38

    • thank you – i was horrified by how few of the news reports i saw about it even bothered to mention her name

      12.07.10 at 18.04

      • deviantdiaries

        I didn’t know it either until your post…..she was just “the wife” or “a woman accused of adultery”…which in so many stories like that in those places is exactly as you stated…a woman who was raped and then further punished for it…one brutalization on top of another. Sickening….

        12.07.12 at 09.59

        • most reports i read were only concerned with reporting what a terrible bunch the taliban are (and i agree) but seemed unconcerned about the woman who was murdered, she was just another victim to them – that’s why i had to find out her name

          12.07.12 at 10.20

  13. well said…

    12.07.10 at 11.25

  14. violence is acceptable….sex is not…really mixed up world we live in

    12.07.10 at 11.21

    • looking for a witty remark to come up with here but all i can say is how much i agree

      12.07.10 at 17.54

  15. TheOthers1

    Wow! How in the world is that not being censored? That’s extremely disturbing.

    12.07.10 at 10.36

    • i was starting to think that it was my penis that was so disturbing – you are right my friend, something is fucked up here

      12.07.10 at 18.54

  16. Perhaps if your little penis video (sorry, bad choice of words) had portrayed you ‘choking’ it…murdering it…they would have allowed it to remain.

    Seriously though…every voice raised in opposition of this barbaric practice; every word put out in public highlighting the hypocrisy of this kind of ‘justice’; is one more step in the right direction.

    Bravo Kyle

    12.07.10 at 09.37

    • i hope you’re right but i don’t think i have very many talib followers.

      12.07.10 at 09.45

  17. Kyle, this so very much needed to be said. I would so much prefer to see a happy penis instead of watching this poor woman die yesterday. Amazing what is found offensive.

    12.07.10 at 09.19

    • thank you susan – i hope it doesn’t come across that i am making light of what has to be one of the most horrendous outrages of our time, but the hypocrisy of it astounds me

      12.07.10 at 09.25

      • Oh, Kyle, no–what you are saying here does not come across as making light of what happened to Najibia one bit–I read pain in this; pain and bitter sarcasm, and it is very well said and done.

        12.07.10 at 09.42

        • thanks – bitter sarcasm was what i was going for, so that’s good to hear – loved you poem about the same awful tragedy btw – maybe you tube are helping, at least more people know about this evil now – and – at the end of the day, the world can get by without pictures of my dick

          12.07.10 at 09.47

          • I would prefer more nudity and less bloodshed–it would be great if what happened to her NEVER happened–but while that is happening, the world needs to know about it. You Tube is helping that way–making things more real to us than they would if we read about it happening. Why is that–it does not make it less horrible to read it instead of seeing it…

            12.07.10 at 10.25

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