so you really don’t read any other blogs?

sure i do!!
yours, obviously
a few others

isn’t that kinda arrogant?

i guess
my friend sally calls me ‘lofty’

haha – why?

its a nickname

i get that you dumb cunt – why?

she says i’m aloof

you are

you are boring me now – bye

16 responses

  1. SweetP

    Hey that’s me! 🙂

    12.07.16 at 10.53

  2. Hahaha…too funny!

    12.07.13 at 17.48

  3. TemptingSweets99

    Haha! 😉

    12.07.13 at 14.55

    • glad you are with me my friend

      12.07.13 at 16.36

  4. eroticexploration


    12.07.13 at 14.42

    • thanks for getting it

      12.07.13 at 16.35

  5. lol. that’s it. just laughing out loud. 😆

    12.07.13 at 14.33

    • yeah, glad you got it, one day i promise, i will read your blog. do you have one? 😆

      12.07.13 at 16.34

      • cheeky shitbag aren’t ya!

        12.07.13 at 16.36

        • hahaha – cheeky shitbag? sad to say but yeah, i guess i am

          12.07.13 at 16.37

          • what do you mean you guess?
            I peg you more for a “true dat” kind of guy.

            12.07.13 at 16.42

          • I have granted you access, just go to my link 🙂

            12.07.13 at 22.06

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