All fours

you climb onto the bed and get on all fours. i kneel behind you and slip my stiff cock up between your wet thighs letting it rub up against your dripping pussy, rocking back and forth so that the tip caresses your engorged, hot clit, wetting it with your juices.

you draw in breath sharply as i plunge my full length deep into you and you push yourself back fiercely onto me making sure that you feel every inch. i reach around and start to rub  your clit as i fuck you slowly and fully. you reach down, over my hand so you can feel my throbbing cock slipping wetly in and out of you. as we fuck faster and harder and our moans grow loud and desperate with our increasing pleasure, i push your head down into the soft cotton, flicking hard at your twitching clit. you growl with joy and spit dirty words at me and i gasp your name.

as we start to come, you pull me out of you and slap my soaking cock up against the length of your, now boiling, pussy, holding it there and rubbing your dripping clit up and down it. my cum squirts thickly through your fingers and over your belly and breasts and your orgasm shakes your ass and thighs and i can feel every shudder of your pleasure with my pulsating member.

after, we collapse into a sticky, panting, heap of trembling limbs and lips.

34 responses

  1. Nice one!

    12.07.22 at 12.51

  2. Whooo boy. Yeah.

    12.07.14 at 23.58

  3. This is so well written… I should read it again when I’m about to have sex :D.

    12.07.14 at 16.03

    • thank you and please do

      12.07.14 at 16.05

  4. Hyacinth

    Can’t wait for this to return to my life.

    12.07.14 at 15.35

    • let’s hope you don’t have to wait for long

      12.07.14 at 15.39

  5. again……

    12.07.14 at 14.57

  6. TemptingSweets99


    12.07.14 at 13.26

    • best comment ever

      12.07.14 at 13.45

  7. Quite the predickament I’m in. Reading this while at the beach unable to touch. Hmmm..or maybe I should.

    12.07.14 at 11.30

    • yes maybe you should – it would thrill me, if nothing else

      12.07.14 at 12.52

  8. deviantdiaries

    Dayum! NOW how am I supposed to get my homework done? Lucky you!

    12.07.14 at 11.11

    • can you do your homework with one hand?

      12.07.14 at 12.51

      • workspousestory

        Haha, loved that response 😉 good thinking!

        12.07.15 at 18.19

  9. TheOthers1

    My word. Good morning! 🙂

    12.07.14 at 10.06

    • and a good morning to you – have a wonderful fucking day

      12.07.14 at 10.12

  10. this is way better than any stinkin’ movie. hey mew, stop hoggin’ the popcorn. oh wait, let me wash my hand first. 😉

    12.07.14 at 09.25

    • i’ll be waiting

      12.07.14 at 09.44

  11. Just a tiny bit hot !!!!!!!!!!! Geesh ………:) xx

    12.07.14 at 09.03

    • thanks cat – i’m so glad you thought so xx

      12.07.14 at 09.43

      • Woke Me up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        seriously mister better than bukowski
        when are you gonna publish ? 🙂

        12.07.14 at 09.45

        • you’re too sweet – bukowski was a genius, i just ejaculate words

          love that i woke you up xxx

          12.07.14 at 10.12

  12. I’ve just collapsed. Thanks Kyle. I needed that!


    12.07.14 at 08.59

    • knowing that i made you collapse has made my day dawn
      ~ k )

      12.07.14 at 09.43

  13. eroticexploration

    Oh geez Kyle you never fail to hit all the right buttons… delicious 🙂

    12.07.14 at 08.53

    • hope it hit your button 😈 thanks

      12.07.14 at 08.56

  14. Just what I need before starting my day at work. Thanks Kyle! Have a great rest of the day.

    12.07.14 at 08.48

    • good morning and thanks sandee – have a great day too

      12.07.14 at 08.50

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