How I love

god, how i love
looking at you.
god, how i want
just to touch you.
god, how i need
to hold you so tight.
without you
i can’t get through the night.

god, how i love
how we have so much fun.
god, how i love
watching you come.
god, how i love
the way that we click.
god, how i love
playing with my prick.

23 responses

  1. you are the only beast i know that can be this brave and want to fuck and love god…………………………….son of a bitch

    12.09.14 at 07.28

    • i like it when you call me a beast
      thank you

      12.09.14 at 08.41

  2. So I’m reading and thinking, “Awww, how sweet…” and then I continue reading and laugh my ass off…lol…thanks for that…

    12.07.14 at 22.38

    • any time my love, any time

      12.07.15 at 06.46

  3. This probably came to you while you were having play time too eh? 🙂 I like the rhythm of this (dare I say?:) hahh

    12.07.14 at 19.30

  4. Let’s put this in Simpson perspective:

    If Marge heard Homer recite this…would she know that he was paying homage to his prick or would she think he was paying homage to her? Would he care? Would she? Let’s ask Bart…

    “Hey Bart…if you heard your Pop say those words out loud, would you think he was talking to his prick or to Marge?”

    “What was that lesson I learned from video games? Oh yeah. Kill! Kill! Kill! Eat my shorts!”

    Gotta love the Simpsons!

    12.07.14 at 18.16

    • you sure do – a perfect take rhonda

      12.07.15 at 06.47

  5. TemptingSweets99

    how i love this and knowing that you play with your prick. keep playing. 😉

    12.07.14 at 13.27

    • with comments like that, how could i ever stop playing?

      12.07.14 at 13.52

  6. Yum!!!!

    12.07.14 at 11.23

    • we seem to have so much in common isabella

      12.07.14 at 12.53

  7. deviantdiaries

    ahhhh another happy ending Kyle Style! 🙂

    12.07.14 at 11.04

    • i can’t help it

      12.07.14 at 11.09

      • deviantdiaries

        change nothing…I like what you cannot help 😉

        12.07.14 at 12.22

        • and i cannot help what you like 😉

          12.07.14 at 12.59

          • deviantdiaries

            clever boy 😉

            12.07.17 at 22.09

  8. This just made me feel good. 🙂

    12.07.14 at 11.00

    • me too 😀

      12.07.14 at 11.09

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