Laptop in for repair

With my laptop gone
I’ll get no posts done
But I’ve still got my phone
And its a smart one
So I could write a poem
And sit in the sun
But I can’t be fucked

23 responses

  1. 🙂 just right!

    12.07.21 at 21.21

  2. You always make me smile. And when I’m feeling down, I know whose blog will cheer me up 🙂

    12.07.20 at 15.59

    • oh, thank you, that’s the nicest thing i ever heard

      12.07.20 at 16.00

  3. I am laughing hysterically, ya just matched up everything with such a grace!! Keep it up Kyle!!

    12.07.19 at 19.01

  4. I hope you get it back soon Kyle.

    12.07.19 at 10.34

    • its gonna be up to 3 weeks!!!

      12.07.19 at 15.04

  5. your lappy’s sick, she has a bug
    i hope you gave her a big hug
    and told her not to fear the geek
    who’ll fondle her for a week

    but you may be the one who loses
    the geek might prove a better mews-es
    her circuits may light up for him
    he may have the touch to tickle her quim

    let’s hope and pray that when she’s fixed
    your fingers are the ones she’s missed
    for if this geek had all the luck
    you’d be wrong…you would be…totally fucked

    12.07.19 at 09.04

    • oh wow – your rhyming responses are just marvellous – i may have to start collecting them

      12.07.19 at 15.04

      • that’s certainly one thing you could collect

        12.07.19 at 15.09

    • gypsy116

      I totally wish I could like your comment Rhonda 🙂

      12.07.19 at 17.34

      • you just did Heather. 🙂 thanks

        12.07.19 at 17.39

        • gypsy116

          Welcome 🙂

          12.07.19 at 17.41

  6. A personal challenge. You could make your own reaction image via the camera, then write about constrained to the text character limit. This may turn out to be a mini-blessing…who knows?

    12.07.19 at 07.37

    • what a good idea

      12.07.19 at 15.03

  7. LOL that is such a lie!

    12.07.19 at 04.42

    • hehehe – you got me

      12.07.19 at 04.43

      • Put your phone on vibrate, place it somewhere strategic IN your body and I’ll call you!!

        12.07.19 at 05.18

        • now that sounds like a lot more fun – i won’t be answering, but do keep on calling 😉

          12.07.19 at 05.24

          • Love that REDIAL button!

            12.07.19 at 05.36

            • just glad that my phone is fully charged!

              12.07.19 at 05.39

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