Serious action

you stand before us and watch us both strip, enjoying how we are both fully erect by the time we are naked. then you have us strip you, slowly, tantalisingly, kissing and stroking each inch of flesh as it is exposed. stepping out of your panties, you watch our eyes drink in your beauty and lie back on our big bed.

before we get down to some serious action, you tell us, you want us to put on a little show for you. we are both straight but are happy to do anything to turn you on and we kiss, hungrily, our cocks brushing up against each other, pressing into each other. he is much bigger than i am, and i am quite jealous, especially at the greedy way you stare at it. we grab each others shafts and stroke them slowly but fully. my fingers can barley reach round his magnificent prick and i can feel the blood pumping through it in powerful pulsations, his veins like steel wires. you start to touch yourself when i drop to my knees and take his broad, hard cock deep into my mouth. he grabs my head and forces himself into me hard, and i can hear your moans of pleasure as he fucks my face. he pulls out as he starts to come and i can hear you coming too, as he squirts what feels like gallons of hot creamy cum all over my face and into my open, awaiting mouth.

you reach under the bed and pull out the nine tailed flogger. you’d told me last night that you were going to hand it to me but with a wink you pass it to him and he starts to lash at me with it. you squeal with delight and giggle as he covers my body with a rain of stinging blows. he does not care for me like you do and hits me with force, and i jump and squirm with each blow and cover my cock with my hands. i expect you to tell him to ease up a bit, but you don’t, you tell him to hit me harder and for me to put my hands above my head and to stand still. i do, and he brings the flogger down on my twitching prick making it bounce and sway violently.

he is almost instantly stiff again and you tell me to get on all fours. you lie on the bed, bringing your grinning face close to mine, studying my eyes as he enters me. you reach down between your legs as he fulfils himself, fiercely and relentlessly, shaking my whole body and drawing a gasp from my lungs with each powerful thrust. you kiss me as he comes in long hard waves, deep inside me. you whisper that you love me.

the two of you tie me, still shaking, spread eagled, to the bed and you kneel over my face, your juices dripping into my mouth as you lower yourself onto me. i lick at your glowing, drenched pussy, intoxicated by your taste, your thighs squeezing my head and your hips rocking in time with your pleasure as i feel my cock being slid wetly into his mouth. you have the flogger now, and i can feel you swiping at him as my aching cock slips in and out of his mouth. with each blow he yelps and bites at my erection and digs his fingers into my balls. i scream, vibrating your glowing, dribbling cunt which is now quivering and throbbing with delight.Β you lower yourself further onto me preventing me from breathing and you feel my fear growing and my lungs bursting as i feel your orgasm rise, your thighs trembling uncontrollably as they grip my head. you can sense my panic as you come, and as i pass out, i feel my cum hit the back of his throat.

when i come to, you are kneeling over me, your ass close to my face and he is kneeling in front of you. you have his cock in your hand and you are both kissing. Β i can make out his fingers between your legs, lapping at your soft wet pussy and driving hard and wildly into you. i can see what you were doing while i was out because his cum is dripping from your butt. i know what you want me to do.

21 responses

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    always interesting when I land in your space LOLs..
    you write of an on going fantasy of mine Kyle…
    I didn’t realize you were there LOLs…
    very good….

    12.07.27 at 15.14

    • i like nothing more than to know i have hit such a spot – how intriguing, which bits in particular? tell me more and i may well be able to expand on it

      12.07.27 at 15.17

  2. Well… I am thinking about couple having sex in public, a swingers club for example…

    12.07.21 at 20.58

    • Sorry, I put that in the wrong place, but you get me. πŸ™‚

      12.07.21 at 21.02

    • leave it with me

      12.07.22 at 05.53

  3. please send me a copy of the video and hurry!!!

    12.07.21 at 14.38

    • i so should have thought to record it

      12.07.21 at 14.44

  4. mmm!

    12.07.21 at 08.10

    • best comment ever!

      12.07.21 at 09.19

  5. Wow. Yowza. Now that last sentence would suggest that there will be another installment of this story. Please say that’s true.

    12.07.20 at 21.43

    • thanks but sorry, that sentence is just there to feed your imagination a little – no doubt i will return to this subject matter again though x

      12.07.21 at 05.39

  6. TemptingSweets99

    Very serious action, indeed. Seriously enjoyable reading.

    12.07.20 at 21.12

    • glad it hit the spot

      12.07.20 at 21.27

  7. Indeed I will read this again. Thank you lovely Kyle.

    12.07.20 at 20.23

    • thank you for wanting to read it again – it was quite thrilling to write

      12.07.20 at 20.25

  8. Oh, my! Kyle, that was fucking amazing! It left me breathless, I wish I was her. Thank you so much for writing that. πŸ™‚

    12.07.20 at 19.46

    • thank you for suggesting it πŸ˜€

      12.07.20 at 19.47

      • I read it over and over again…

        12.07.21 at 20.30

        • does that mean i am going to have to write more?

          12.07.21 at 20.32

          • πŸ˜€
            I would just love that, but it’s up to you and your inspiration. πŸ™‚

            12.07.21 at 20.41

            • why don’t you suggest something again?

              12.07.21 at 20.42

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