i love you more
than coffee
and ice cream
i love you more
than my shoes

i love you more
than my phone
and my car
i love you more
than the blues

i love you more
than my dog
and red wine
i love you more
than xmas

i love you more
than whiskey
and beer
i love you more
than my x-box

i love you more
than lilacs
and sunsets
i love you more
than the fall

i love you more
than football
and boxing
i love you more
than it all

find more nifty noetry here

46 responses

  1. PAZ

    Awww. The gentle side of Kyle. And just a question, that’s football as in football, not “American football” which isn’t played with feet or foots, except in the kick over the rail thing.

    12.08.02 at 02.29

    • yeah, real football – what some people call ‘soccer’ and where points are scored by getting the ball IN the goal, not OVER it 😆

      12.08.02 at 05.52

  2. Sounds sincere. 🙂 i nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. (i know u don’t really the Awards thing though),please follow the link .

    12.07.30 at 15.45

    • thank you audrina – i am immensely flattered to be nominated by you and am following the link now

      12.07.30 at 16.40

  3. History of the Ancient World

    Hi! I have just nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award
    I would be honoured if you accept.

    12.07.26 at 19.53

    • thank you so much – i don’t do awards but it means the world to me that you nominated me

      12.07.30 at 16.39

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  5. This is so “LOVELY”, Kyle ❤

    12.07.24 at 09.59

  6. Yes, this is love. 🙂

    12.07.22 at 16.24

  7. TemptingSweets99

    More than the DOG, x box AND football!? You’ve got it bad, my friend. 😉

    12.07.22 at 12.46

    • haha – seems that way

      12.07.22 at 16.42

  8. Wonderful–more than football? Really? Then it’s the real thing 🙂

    12.07.22 at 10.23

    • that’s the test, isn’t it? football

      12.07.22 at 16.41

  9. Awre… 🙂

    12.07.22 at 10.21

  10. Sweet, sweet words. BUT I miss your dick. Giggle.

    12.07.22 at 09.22

    • he’ll be back 🙂

      12.07.22 at 09.23

  11. you’re right about the shoes. that’s a sweet love poem.

    12.07.22 at 09.02

    • thank you 😆

      12.07.22 at 09.07

  12. Love has tough competition. Most of the things I pronounce my love for, are things I’m addicted to. Which makes this a thought provoking noem. A really sweet noem too.
    You didn’t mention your dick. Is this a love noem for your dick?

    12.07.22 at 08.42

    • i thought my reader might require a little palette cleanser after my last effort – this is just an ode to love anette, nothing to do with my dick, just for once

      12.07.22 at 08.44

      • You mentioned other of your favourite toys, so I was just wondering… sorry.
        It is the sweetest ode for love, the sort of love noem any woman, I think, would like to receive, because you kinda sacrifice all your little passions for the bigger one.

        12.07.22 at 08.59

        • thanks – it was meant to be a to and fro between a man and a woman – not sure that came across tho

          12.07.22 at 09.06

          • Oh yearh. Dang. That’s clever! And it really is obvious. Gosh! I’m sorry mate – it’s the axe embedded in my brain. Shit brain.

            12.07.22 at 09.11

      • While this is lovely, I don’t need no palette cleanser! 😆

        12.07.22 at 10.24

        • oh, but you’ll appreciate the next morsel so much more now 😆

          12.07.22 at 16.41

  13. Jaen Wirefly

    That is so sweet! Sorry I’m married.


    12.07.22 at 08.41

    • so am i, so am i

      12.07.22 at 08.42

      • Jaen Wirefly


        12.07.22 at 08.43

  14. Anonymous

    beautiful. very beautiful. But I do love PS3. lol

    12.07.22 at 08.39

    • thank you – and so you should 😆

      12.07.22 at 08.42

  15. You are My Sweetest Kyle!


    12.07.22 at 07.17

    • thank you sweet dawn

      12.07.22 at 07.31

  16. That’s a lot of love. Especially with such cool shoes!

    12.07.22 at 07.01

    • if she loves me more than she loves hers shoes, i know she is serious 😉

      12.07.22 at 07.03

  17. More

    12.07.22 at 06.59

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