Find me another

You stand, backlit by a street lamp, in the doorway of a bar, taking in the heavy scent of liquor and testosterone, your eyes darting greedily across the scene before you. You need a man. Two dozen or so, line an L-shaped counter, forming a cacophony of rattling laughter and glass. Almost immediately you spot three likely candidates, and having visited two bars already without luck, you are growing impatient. Almost randomly you pick the tall, tattooed guy, with carefully messed-up black hair and a Guinness. Using his savage but delicate body art as a way to open the conversation, it takes you just over three minutes for you to get to the point; does he want to fuck you? The twitch in his pants makes his eagerness evident, and you are impressed with the cool composure of his response. “Sure, why not?” he barely smiles as he pays his tab and slings a battered leather jacket over his shoulder.
“My husband will be watching,” you tell him as you both make your way to the door, “that okay?”
“Fine by me,” he shrugs, “as long as I don’t have to touch his cock.”
“Don’t worry fella,” you reassure him with a smile, “the only thing you’ll be touching, is me.”

I feel my erection begin to grow, the moment I hear you both enter the house, and by the time you walk into the bedroom I am at full mast. He looks bemused but not phased as he stares at me, tied firmly to the wooden chair, with two dozen leather straps, unable to even wriggle, black ball gag in my mouth. He glances down briefly at my twitching member and then turns to you and you kiss. Almost frantically, you undress each other, tasting each other’s bare flesh hungrily as it becomes exposed, and once naked, he throws you roughly onto the bed and buries his head between your legs. You have been wet all night and your thighs glisten as he begins to lap thirstily at you, his fingers digging into your butt, your hips pushing fiercely into his face.

You turn your head to look straight at me, letting me see the pleasure on your face, telling me how good it feels and how good he is. My cock throbs with desire, in time to the animal thrusting of your hips, drawing desperate moans from deep within me, echoing those that you and he are making. I can tell how close to orgasm you are by how hard your fingers claw at the soft cotton beneath you. Just as you are about to explode, you push him back and, panting wildly, tell him to fuck you.

He has a strong, proud shaft, thick and pulsating, veins standing out like vines climbing a great tree trunk, and I wonder how it is that you always manage to find guys with such big dicks. You gasp so loud, as he enters you, that it is almost a scream, and you tell me just how big he is and how powerful and how wonderful it feels getting fucked so hard by him. Jealousy mingles with excitement in my blood, making my mind swim and my soul fizz. In between cries of pleasure and heavy breaths, you whisper something to him. I know what it is you are saying and my aching cock bounces in anticipation.

Your orgasm crashes into you like great ocean waves battering a deserted shore, washing over you, drowning your senses, bursting into you and through you in a series of long hard shudders and spasms. Just as you asked, he pulls out as he comes and long, thick streaks of cum shoot hotly and repeatedly over your glorious, quivering breasts.

Still trembling with the aftermath of your orgasm, you climb off the bed, stagger over to me and remove the gag. We kiss and you tell me that you love me. He is impressive and already stiff again. Glancing over your shoulder, you see this and bend over in readiness, steadying yourself with your hands on my shoulders. He stands behind you and holds your hips, the tip of his rock hard prick stroking up and down between your butt cheeks, making you giggle. His cock is still drenched with both your juices and your barely wince as he drives his full length up your ass. As he builds up speed and force, you press your dripping breasts into my face, and I lick and swallow and rub my face into your tits, tasting him, covering my face with him. He reaches round and starts to rub ferociously at your clit, pounding you harder and harder, my chair rocking dangerously back and forth, and as you both come, you push back into him lifting your head, so that you can see my cum splattered face.Β As he bursts into you with a series of loud grunts, I ask you to touch me but you just pant and smile and wink at me.

After he pulls out you kneel and kiss me, your mouth open, his taste on your lips, his smell filling your nostrils, and by the time you stop, the stranger already has his clothes on and is headed for the door. You see him out and I hear you take a shower, and when you come back in, you are dressed and have your coat. “Where are you going?” I ask.
“Thought I’d go find me another.” you smile, giving my cock a little slap and almost making me come.

38 responses

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  2. deviantdiaries

    I’m never sure whether I’m reading fact or fantasy…but the way you write makes me not care….oh lordy that was hot!!

    12.07.30 at 18.47

    • thank you miss d. most of my little tales are mixture of fact and fiction, some are totally made up and some are completely factual. if it got you hot, then it makes me happy.

      12.07.30 at 18.59

  3. wow. what will you come up with next?

    12.07.26 at 19.42

    • i don’t know, got any suggestions?

      12.07.27 at 04.59

  4. kinkydesoto

    You always satisfy.

    12.07.25 at 22.51

    • and to know that, warms my heart, well… warms part of me anyway

      12.07.26 at 06.52

      • kinkydesoto

        Hmmmmmmm…again, you never disappoint.

        12.07.27 at 09.43

  5. HOW MANY leather straps?!?! Daaayyyyuuummm… I like! πŸ˜‰

    12.07.25 at 20.57

    • 24, more than enough to render a man completely immobile πŸ˜‰

      12.07.25 at 22.21

      • That’s hawt.

        12.07.26 at 12.37

        • i imagine you would have some ideas of what to do with a helpless man at your mercy πŸ˜‰

          12.07.26 at 12.59

          • Helpless man at my mercy? I have definite ideas of what to do with one of those… Or two of them. πŸ˜‰

            12.07.26 at 16.31

            • oh, really? why stop at two? what kind of ideas?

              12.07.26 at 18.01

              • I don’t have the attention span to Domme more than two at a time. Especially if there are *another* two (or so) who are NOT helpless, but who are rendering ME helpless with orgasmic bliss. πŸ˜‰

                12.07.27 at 20.10

                • now that sounds like one hellova night/weekend – a mrs fever orientated paradise – we should write it together πŸ˜‰

                  12.07.27 at 20.18

                  • I’m thinking along the lines of a kinky game of ‘Clue’… Mrs. Fever, in the bedroom, wih the strap-on! πŸ˜€

                    12.07.28 at 00.09

                    • love it – mr mew in the library with the nipple clamps πŸ˜€

                      12.07.28 at 09.33

  6. umm sexy . . . I like.

    12.07.25 at 17.16

  7. Interesting. πŸ™‚

    12.07.25 at 16.27

    • glad you thought so

      12.07.25 at 22.19

  8. hot hot hot….

    12.07.25 at 15.28

    • thanks thanks thanks

      12.07.25 at 15.30

  9. Another? Oh my Lord haha wow that’s quite a night. For everyone!

    12.07.25 at 14.51

    • thanks pete, it WAS quite a night indeed. thanks

      12.07.25 at 14.55

  10. You’re really good Kyle.

    12.07.25 at 13.08

    • thank you, i don’t know where it comes from, i really don’t

      12.07.25 at 13.31

      • Just keep it going! When I say you’re really good I mean that everything was so three dimensional. I could see the veins, the wetness around her thighs, I could feel everything — you flesh it out good!

        12.07.25 at 14.08

        • thanks sandee, that means a lot coming from you

          12.07.25 at 14.19

  11. strangely, fiercely erotic Kyle… it’s always a blast to feel new combinations of emotions and you do just that!

    12.07.25 at 12.51

    • always happy to explore something new jayne, glad it was a blast

      12.07.25 at 12.55

  12. you yelling before she reaches the front door: “Hon? We’re out of milk, can you stop and pick some up on the way home?”

    her yelling back as reaches the threshold : “How about a milkman instead?” she laughs as she closes the door.

    you: “God I love that woman!”

    12.07.25 at 12.51

    • damn, i wish i’d thought of that

      12.07.25 at 12.53

      • Oh? Wasn’t that you yelling to her for milk? Hmmmm, must have mis-read. Will just have to read it again, for the 10th time. πŸ˜‰

        12.07.25 at 12.56

  13. Wow.


    PS: I’m waiting to catch my breath.

    12.07.25 at 12.44

    • wow

      what a great response

      12.07.25 at 13.42

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