The names of god

God has a lot of names: God, Allah, Jehovah, Brahma, Waheguru and Akumba, to name just a few.

Personally, I think that there are 7,058,953,712 names for god, at least there were when I last checked.

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  1. How are You Beautiful Man xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
    How is everything going – i found u on the tweet thingy
    how is your quest going ? all the very best xo always xoxo C

    12.08.12 at 12.01

    • all is good gorgeous
      am i on twatter? i had forgotten – are you? send me a link

      12.08.12 at 15.29

  2. OMG. Thank goodness I saw the pause button. Looking at the numbers rolling as fast as that was scary as shit!

    Aren’t we all gods who are nothing but part of statistics?

    Nicely put, Kyle 🙂

    PS. Thanks for the headache.

    12.08.11 at 03.23

  3. OMG. Thank goodness I saw the pause button. Looking at the numbers rolling as fast as that was scary as shit!

    Aren’t we all gods who are nothing but part of statistics.

    Nicely put, Kyle.

    12.08.11 at 03.13

    • thanks lou – yeah, we are all gods

      12.08.11 at 06.38

      • PAZ

        I’m a lovely Latin lady god, you’re a British witty dick-o-god, we are gods. 😉

        P.s. How the hell does that site work?

        12.08.13 at 01.09

        • we are
          and i wish i knew

          12.08.13 at 06.14

  4. all I have to say is that site you linked to – SCARED THE FUCKEN HELL OUT OF ME – Way toooooo much negative information. Where’s the site counting orgasms, pissing laughter, jokes told. jokes played, Kyle Mew’s absurdly comical posts, doors opened for elders …and ANYONE behind a nice person…. stolen kisses of new lovers…don’t make me start the crude but still nice things good one Kyle!

    12.08.10 at 21.35

    • someone really does need to set up a site like that – thanks jayne

      12.08.11 at 06.37

  5. nekkidsoul

    More importantly, how many words are there for “cock?”

    12.08.10 at 16.27

    • that’s another post altogether – post being one of them

      12.08.10 at 16.28

      • nekkidsoul

        Sounds like a pointed post that needs to be blogged. And you are just the man for the job. So grab your pen firmly in your hand and see to it that it gets a thorough going-over will you?

        12.08.10 at 16.31

        • i’ll try really hard to see what i can come up with

          12.08.10 at 16.33

          • nekkidsoul

            I find that when I need inspiration, if I put the pen in my mouth and tease it a little with my lips, that seems to get the creative juices flowing. 🙂

            12.08.10 at 16.34

            • i tried that but ended up hurting my back 😉

              12.08.10 at 16.39

              • nekkidsoul

                You need a sexretary. And some yoga classes! lol!

                12.08.10 at 16.40

                • or a bigger pen

                  12.08.10 at 16.40

                  • nekkidsoul

                    LOL! I think you’ll have better success getting the yoga classes love!

                    12.08.10 at 16.41

  6. nekkidsoul

    Was one of those names “Bob?”

    12.08.10 at 16.26

  7. Billions of interconnected gods.

    12.08.10 at 12.02

  8. but don’t you find it funny that there are so many different names to just one thing yet it seems to be the biggest conflict in mankind?

    12.08.10 at 08.53

    • i detest how religion divides people – the only solution i can think of is that each one of us considers ourselves to be god – each of us an atom in her/his body, a thought in his/her mind

      12.08.10 at 08.56

      • but how can we all consider our selves to be god?

        it can never solve anything, if anything more conflict. who is right and who is wrong?

        12.08.10 at 08.59

        • human beings are moral creatures, we know instinctively the difference between right and wrong – but its not about right and wrong… its about us taking responsibility ourselves and not surrendering it to some imaginary deity.

          i see from your blog, that you are a believer. i am not, but i do believe that our species is the most divine thing ever to exist and that we should worship ourselves and each other

          12.08.10 at 09.05

          • yes i am believe , but i also understand and know that god does not give us anything , what we seek we create….and only may be those that don’t understand how god works will surrender to some imaginary deity as you put it.

            i don’t believe that we should surrender to god, my thing with god is faith and hope, and in the meantime i do my part ….

            and it is okay not to believe or to…. life is what you make it to be right?

            12.08.10 at 09.11

            • i agree with you entirely – i think that there doesn’t have to be an actual god, for us to have faith and hope – those things make us godlike

              12.08.10 at 09.17

              • god is personal…

                12.08.10 at 09.19

                • god is an asshole, if you ask me.
                  jesus walked on water… we walked on the fucking moon!
                  jesus cured nearly 100 lepers… we wiped out smallpox and are only a few years away from eliminating malaria (our species biggest killer)
                  i don’t want to live forever and i don’t want someone else paying for my sins, i want to pay for them myself, and besides… half of them, i’d do again

                  12.08.10 at 09.24

                  • as i say: i think everyman is entitled to live their lives only per their own understanding

                    and in such a long and complex life, if one find self path and self happiness , run with it and enjoy your life

                    12.08.10 at 09.29

                    • you are a woman after my own heart – we may paint our worlds in different colours, but we see the same things 🙂

                      12.08.10 at 09.30

                    • i agree…

                      12.08.10 at 09.36

  9. by the time i get this comment written, it’ll be 7,058,960,075 shit, now it’s more than that. stop fucking people…

    12.08.10 at 06.52

    • what chance is there of that? lol

      12.08.10 at 06.56

      • not a ‘fucking’ one. but if more people really looked at the numbers…they might think about birth control more.

        12.08.10 at 07.11

        • i’d like to think so

          12.08.10 at 07.12

  10. applejaxe

    Or a goddess 😉

    12.08.10 at 06.48

  11. OHhhhh – you CHECKED. Hmmmm. Mind you, you forgot to count people with multiple personality disorder and the ones who convert to other religions.

    12.08.10 at 06.43

    • nothing to do with religion – each one of us is a god

      12.08.10 at 06.44

  12. You checked????

    12.08.10 at 06.42

    • yeah, follow the link 🙂

      12.08.10 at 06.43

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