A miracle?

I really thought I’d witnessed something miraculous this morning. In my own kitchen.

I like my coffee hot and the one I had made earlier had just begun to cool a little. It was still pretty hot but needed 20 seconds in the microwave, just to get it right. I popped it in, set the dial and waited for the ping. When I took the coffee out, it was stone cold. Well, not stone cold, but room temperature and a lot colder than it was when I’d put it in.

At first, I thought I was dreaming. I know enough about physics and how microwaves work to know that what I’d just seen was simply not possible. I pinched myself, not asleep. I tasted the coffee again, still cold. My heart started to race as my mind tried to figure out what had happened.

I peered into the oven, unsure of what I was looking for, when it struck me. At the back was a mug of coffee that I had placed in there last night to heat up and had then forgotten about. During the 20 seconds, the turntable had revolved by half a revolution and the two mugs had changed places.

48 responses

  1. omg I`m dying!!! too funny!! i seriously can`t stop laughing!

    12.10.13 at 15.05

  2. PAZ

    Silly! I’ve done similar absent minded things with the microwave too. Funny.

    12.08.22 at 17.25

    • that’s good to know

      12.08.22 at 17.37

      • PAZ

        Just today, I went in to my dad’s little office/studio to pick up the phone and cancel MetroLift. I went to my room to get the number from my cellphone but by the time I was in my room I had forgotten what I was going to do. (I had placed the phone behind the seat of my chair. I do that a lot.) Anyway, I went back to the living room and thought, “ahhh, right! I need to make that call” And I went over to my dad’s studio and was shocked to see that the phone was missing. Minutes later, I accidentally reach behind me and find the damn phone which was behind my on the chair all along. heh

        12.08.22 at 17.46

        • haha – you sound just like me, i’d lose my nuts, if they weren’t screwed in lol

          12.08.22 at 17.49

          • PAZ

            ha. Careful with those nuts Kyle. You just never know. 😉

            I’d loose my nuts to, if I had any. Space cases. xo

            12.08.22 at 17.54

  3. nekkidsoul

    For a second there, I thought one of the great mysteries of our universe was about to be answered. Thanks for teasing me to the precipice with your cold coffee and dropping me on my ass. 😉

    12.08.19 at 18.53

    • thanks 😆

      12.08.19 at 18.54

  4. Porkchop

    LOL. Love it. This is so something that I would do. I’m a notorious scatterbrain.

    12.08.19 at 11.54

    • lol, it is a scatterbrain kinda thing to do 🙂

      12.08.19 at 15.21

  5. Hahaha….funny!!!

    12.08.18 at 09.27

  6. Hilarious! And happens right? haha Good one.

    12.08.18 at 03.19

    • all too easily my friend, all too easily – i did it again today lol

      12.08.18 at 06.43

  7. This sounds like me when I was talking on my cell phone while looking for it… and I announced to the person that I couldn’t find it. Okay, I suppose mine’s a little worse… Ha!

    12.08.17 at 20.17

    • and a lot funnier 🙂

      12.08.18 at 06.41

  8. gypsy116

    lol, wow, I was really confused for a minute there 🙂

    12.08.17 at 15.49

    • me too 🙂

      12.08.17 at 16.31

  9. kinkydesoto

    Ha! Glad to hear that kind of stuff happens to other people!

    12.08.17 at 14.21

    • its always good to know that we are not alone

      12.08.17 at 16.30

      • kinkydesoto

        We are in good company, my friend.

        12.08.17 at 16.34

  10. TemptingSweets99

    Haha! I think that IS a miracle! 😀

    12.08.17 at 13.00

    • aw that’s the idea

      12.08.17 at 16.26

  11. now…..if it was changed into tea….

    12.08.17 at 12.26

    • that would be some impressive alchemy

      12.08.17 at 16.25

  12. I think your microwave is trying it’s hand at being a magician Kyle.

    12.08.17 at 12.15

  13. Rofl…sorry to laugh, but that’s funny. Still laughing. And I’m with Foxy on this one…coffee and Microwave? YUK
    And with Mrs. Weebles…you could’a made a fortune! Now that you’re thinking of it…go ahead, invent it. What would you call it? You should do a poll to get some ideas…

    12.08.17 at 11.54

    • i think it defies the laws of physics lol

      12.08.17 at 16.24

      • Darn…was so looking forward to your invention. Can’t you defy the laws that defy? Is there a term for that? Come on, shirley, you can do it!

        12.08.17 at 17.14

  14. Your coffee and microwave were in cahoots, trying to throw you into a state of confusion I’d say!

    What if for some reason you never figured this out. Maybe you’d be sitting in your kitchen all day with your brow scrinched up wondering, wondering — ‘Now, how in the world?’

    12.08.17 at 11.49

    • haha – that could so easily have happened

      12.08.17 at 11.53

  15. That’s too bad, if somehow your microwave had been able to quickly cool things down, you could have made a fortune.

    12.08.17 at 11.30

    • that’s what i was starting to think

      12.08.17 at 11.31

  16. You had me up to putting your coffee in the microwave YUK!!!!!!!!

    12.08.17 at 11.24

    • hahaha

      12.08.17 at 11.26

      • Bad man why you do that to a good cup of coffee

        12.08.17 at 11.52

        • that’s how i like it

          12.08.17 at 11.53

          • I knew why I don’t have a microwave hehe

            12.08.17 at 14.15

  17. LOL This sounds like something I would do and experience!!!

    12.08.17 at 11.23

    • lol – yes it does – maybe it was

      12.08.17 at 11.24

      • Hmmmm We are like the coffee…not sure which one of us is the…..

        12.08.17 at 11.26

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