Fighting dragons

“I need rescuing from an evil baron.”
“You want me to come on my white  charger?”
“I don’t know how to ride a horse, will a bicycle do?”
“It’ll need to be a tandem.”
“Got it – are you being kept against your will in a high tower?”
“Its an eight bedroom luxury appartment, but yes.”
“How high is it? I need to know how much rope to buy.”
“Its a ground floor bungalow tower.”
“Not much rope then – will I get to fight dragons?”
“I hope so.”
“How big are these dragons?”
“Not as big as they think they are.”
“In metres?”
“And how many?”
“Okay, I’m on my way – where are you?”
“In the next room, silly.”

13 responses

  1. I love your talent for conversation – this is so spot on! And every knight-in-shining-armor needs to know how to pedal a Schwinn..

    12.08.19 at 07.51

    • he schure does 🙂

      12.08.19 at 08.20

  2. So I guess you’ve quit your horseback riding lessons. Thanks a lot Kyle!

    12.08.19 at 00.50

    • i kept falling off dawn, sorry

      12.08.19 at 04.57

      • A girl never knows where to find a dependable knight-in-shining-armor these days My Kyle.

        Bisous on a Bike,

        12.08.19 at 06.16

  3. awww, you are a knight on shining schwinn.

    don’t forget your trusty schword to fight that big ol’ dragon.

    or maybe just a key to her schlage.

    schweet kyle 🙂

    12.08.18 at 17.21

    • charging on my shiny schwinn 😉

      12.08.18 at 17.32

  4. Do you have a white stallion for you being a knight?

    As damsel in distress only accepts knights on white stallion’s can slay the dragons.

    12.08.18 at 17.19

    • just me bike i’m afraid 🙂

      12.08.18 at 17.33

      • Push bike or Motorbike?

        12.08.18 at 17.43

        • push

          12.08.18 at 17.46

          • hehe 😉 is it a bike for 2?

            12.08.18 at 18.52

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