the food was awful,
i told her,
the service sucked,
i said,
the restroom was
a total disgrace,
and the parking was
fucked up.

i waited ages
for my meal,
the beer was warm,
the fish was cold,
and what she said
when i complained…
she said “sorry but
i don’t work here.”

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28 responses

  1. themadgayman

    Here I thought you were gonna go with the “housewife” ending. Great job. Missed your writing.

    12.08.21 at 10.45

  2. People often come up to me asking questions. I must look like “girl who works in store.”

    12.08.20 at 10.08

    • only if its a really cools store

      12.08.20 at 16.02

  3. TheOthers1

    Lol. Well, that’ll take the wind right out of your sails.

    12.08.20 at 07.51

    • it sure did lol

      12.08.20 at 08.05

  4. I would’ve answered the same way, if I worked in a place like that 😉

    12.08.20 at 07.06

    • yes exactly 🙂

      12.08.20 at 07.30

  5. Yeh eat your cold fish and shut the hell up! 🙂

    12.08.20 at 03.14

    • you got it mate 😀

      12.08.20 at 04.45

      • I think I made an innuendo dude!

        12.08.20 at 04.52

        • haha you did – too early in the morning for me lol

          12.08.20 at 04.53

  6. Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, because you know I totally adore you, but I read this as… you were on a date, complaining about the meal etc., and the smart woman you were with finally said, “I’m sorry but I don’t work here.” Made me admire you more for dating such a smart woman. : )

    12.08.19 at 22.41

    • that’s one way of reading it jenni – thank you xx

      12.08.20 at 04.45

  7. I had dinner with a friend the other day and he called the wrong person in the restaurant. I punched him, told him to say sorry and called the waitress myself. Apparently, I also called the wrong person. HAHAHAHA!

    12.08.19 at 21.34

    • hahaha – that’s priceless

      12.08.20 at 04.44

  8. Haha!!! True stroy? AIot of times I walk into stores asking questions to people who don’t work there.

    12.08.19 at 20.30

    • more or less, yes – thanks for commenting, its great to know i’m not alone

      12.08.20 at 04.43

  9. I just figured you were spoutin’ off to your wife. “Sorry, I don’t work here,” is my typical response to the Mister when he starts complaining. Either that or, “I’m on strike until further notice due to unfair working conditions.” I’m thinking of adding a ‘multiple orgasms’ clause to my marriage contract. Payment will be due in full before any service(s) begin. 😉

    12.08.19 at 20.18

    • good luck with that mrs 😉

      12.08.20 at 04.42

  10. LOL oh god I can’t believe I am going to admit this I have done that so poor gent got a tongue lashing and it turns out he is a fellow customer OOPS

    12.08.19 at 19.27

    • hehe – glad i’m not alone

      12.08.20 at 04.41

      • hehe nope not on that one.

        12.08.20 at 05.10

  11. TemptingSweets99

    LOL! When I go into a store and have a question, I now remember to ask if they work there, first. The people I would speak to did not work there. Haha!

    12.08.19 at 19.24

    • haha – so easily done?

      12.08.20 at 04.41

  12. LOL, wonderful cust service.

    12.08.19 at 17.46

    • yes indeed lol

      12.08.19 at 18.00

  13. They ought to have to wear nametags.
    and for customers like you…little hand outs with the customer service phone number
    1-800-whogivesashit. (if you can find someone who works there of course). 🙂

    12.08.19 at 17.20

    • good idea rhonda woman

      12.08.19 at 17.22

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