So did mine

A friend asked me if I could mind his four-year-old, Max, for an hour this morning. Now, I had to go to the supermarket, so I took Max with me. He’s a delightful kid, with a passion for fire-engines and cooking, and like most children his age, has his own ideas as to how the world should work.

I was stood by the grapes trying to discover the line between sampling and shoplifting – 23 apparently – and did not see the young mother by further down the aisle. Max had though and had decided, for reasons known only to him, to methodically remove some of the items from her trolley and replace them with others. Like I say, he has his own ideas. “Is that your child?” she asked me.
“Er, no.” I responded. She gave me a funny look and I knew I had to think quickly. “He came free with two bottles of wine.”
“That’s funny,” she responded, “in a way, so did mine.”

thanks to shappi for the idea

46 responses

  1. It’s the way most kids come 😉

    12.08.30 at 07.50

    • explains why there are so many of us

      12.08.30 at 08.06

  2. Haha! that was funny…and I look forward to the little guy’s guest post 😉

    12.08.28 at 17.13

    • thank you – me too 🙂

      12.08.28 at 17.35

  3. Angel O'Fire

    lol, got to love kids, they do the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times, sometimes I wish I had their energy and imagination, just to be free, and do whatever I wanted whenever I chose,

    12.08.27 at 21.27

    • wouldn’t that be great?

      12.08.28 at 17.35

  4. you make us all want to shop in your market.

    12.08.27 at 18.21

    • come on down, while the mangoes are ripe

      12.08.27 at 19.36

  5. TemptingSweets99

    LOL! I’ll have to remember this line and use it. 😉

    12.08.27 at 15.18

  6. Excellent response! The wine is more necessary after they are born from my experience.

    12.08.27 at 12.28

    • excellent point! 🙂

      12.08.27 at 12.48

  7. This made me smile — ‘smile’!

    12.08.27 at 11.43

    • and that makes me glad!

      12.08.27 at 11.56

  8. Was the mother hot?

    12.08.27 at 11.30

    • why do you think i turned on the humour 😉

      12.08.27 at 11.32

  9. What a lucky kid to hang out with you! He should have been a guest blogger!!

    12.08.27 at 10.29

    • what a brilliant idea – i’ll get him to do one 🙂

      12.08.27 at 10.30

      • YES! tell him to write a really bad story about love… I used to teach pre school – I know it’s a hit and miss kind of thing but it could be an exceptional story or it could be a complete failure. That is why I love to talk to kids. Have you seen Sarah Silverman on Conan O’Brian when she tells a story about telling some kid that she’s her Mom? Sarah is funny! Give the kid a Sarah Silverman topic!

        12.08.27 at 10.36

        • i love sarah silverman – i’ll google it – i will thanks sweetheart 🙂

          12.08.27 at 11.01

  10. hahaha–free with two bottles of wine! I have one that came free with the purchase of five margaritas, if that counts…

    12.08.27 at 10.23

    • haha – i guess it must – you tell me

      12.08.27 at 10.25

  11. nealagray

    Kids are cool, especially when they aren’t yours. Sounds like you should spend more time with him….seems like it was the highlight of your day…..

    12.08.27 at 10.14

    • its very true, and you’re right, i should

      12.08.27 at 10.15

  12. Hahaha…..oh Kyle…you are the best!!!

    12.08.27 at 10.13

  13. KIDS! haha! You GOT TO love ’em!

    12.08.27 at 09.46

    • you really do lol 🙂

      12.08.27 at 09.48

  14. Lol

    12.08.27 at 09.46

  15. LOL, as always love it! I’m pretty sure that’s how most of us came about!

    12.08.27 at 09.41

    • thank you, you are probably right 😉

      12.08.27 at 09.46

  16. 23 you say? well that’s damn good information to have.

    And rofl…I’d have to agree with the young mother…though mine came free with a dime bag (hey it was the 80s) and not a bottle. HA! 😆

    (nowadays – I’d have to check the bag first…just in case)

    12.08.27 at 09.41

    • always a good idea 😉

      12.08.27 at 09.47

      • So is adding “May result in spontaneous childbirth” to the warning label!!

        12.08.27 at 09.49

        • hahaha – what a good idea – tell the authorities, now!

          12.08.27 at 09.50

  17. OMG I love it. I think that’s how most of our children came to be conceived. A little vino and loosened inhibitions.

    12.08.27 at 09.38

    • thank you renee – you’re right of course 🙂

      12.08.27 at 09.47

  18. TJ


    12.08.27 at 09.38

    • thanks TJ 😆

      12.08.27 at 09.48

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