The booker award

I was recently nominated for The Booker Award by the delightful Maureen, author at Magnolia Beginnings, and although I never accept blogger award nominations – my ego being already over-inflated – this one had me thinking about all the wonderful books I have read over the years.

Here is a list of my top, all-time five:

  1. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  2. The Dangerous and Painful Masturbation Magic Pop-Up Book by Paul Bollokov
  3. Gormenghast (trilogy) by Mervyn Peake
  4. The Mechanism of Mind by Edward de Bono
  5. Narziss and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse
  6. 101 Recipes for Kittens by B B Q Feline
  7. Fermat’a Last Theorem by Simon Singh
  8. Catcher in the Rye J D Salinger
  9. Mark Twain by Huckleberry Finn
  10. Trainspotting by Irvin Welsh
  11. How to lose Friends and Irritate people byDale Carnage
  12. The Fractal Geometry of Nature by Benoit B Mandelbrot
  13. The Yoga Guide to Self-Felation by Ike A N Bendova
  14. Watchmen by Alan Moore
  15. How to Count to Five by Arthur Unknown

I’ve not followed Maureen for long but her blog is a must-follow and full of sweet, smart, well written observations and musings, and her avatar picture makes for fantastic masturbation material. Thank you Maureen.

16 responses

  1. Better than I could have hoped for although after months of working on my pop-up book discovering someone else has already beat me to it, as they say, is quite upsetting. Damn Russians!

    12.08.29 at 07.46

    • thank you – i know how you feel, they beat me to it with my ‘pop-up book of embarrassing diseases’ – which book were you working on?

      12.08.29 at 11.04

      • It was a book about my former lovers. Unfortunately, they have now reached the age where they don’t pop like they used to so the book was a a little flaccid.

        12.08.29 at 17.30

  2. Well done sweetie

    12.08.29 at 02.37

    • thanks hon

      12.08.29 at 06.23

      • You are ever so welcome

        12.08.29 at 06.49

  3. 🙂 Kyle, love how you give your own spin on these! Still smiling.

    12.08.29 at 00.16

    • glad to hear it susan – thank you 🙂

      12.08.29 at 06.23

  4. Kyle, I think perhaps, when you have time, you should read #15 again.
    Better yet, set up a tutoring session with your shopping buddy Max.
    He can at least get you 4, then just add one (that’s 4 + 1 = 5)

    Oh and #9? One of us must have read it backwards…could have sworn the version I read was Yrrebelkcuh Nnif yb Kram Niawt

    #13 is a great read too (well, i just look at the pictures). Awesome adaptation of the downward facing dog on page 69. How do they DO that?

    12.08.29 at 00.14

    • (: ʎɐʍ ʇɐɥʇ ƃuıpɐǝɹ ʇɐ oƃ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ ʇsnɯ ı – ɐpuoɥɹ ɥɔnɯ ʎɹǝʌ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ

      12.08.29 at 06.22

  5. Man of taste, certainly. I can’t claim to know all the works on that list, but I give kudos to Catch-22 and a major shout-out to Watchmen.

    12.08.28 at 23.23

    • a man after my own heart – thank you

      12.08.29 at 06.14

  6. Well alright now! You’re cooking with gas with these awards. Congratulations!

    12.08.28 at 23.07

    • thanks sandee!

      12.08.29 at 06.14

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