Today I decided I would write a deadly computer virus and unleash it on you all.

It turns out that I lack the necessary programming skills, so if you wouldn’t mind sharing this message with all your followers and manually deleting all the important files from your hard drive, I’d be very grateful.

Thank you 🙂

39 responses

  1. Fuck SEO

    oh nooo.. THANK YOU! you’ve inspired me to delete both my hard drive and my brain 😉

    12.08.29 at 06.36

    • mmmmm brains, my favourite sexual organ

      12.08.29 at 06.38

      • Fuck SEO

        i have a brain fetish of sorts myself. we are goddamn special, aren’t we? :)))

        12.08.29 at 07.34

        • i have an imagination fetish – yes we are 😆

          12.08.29 at 07.55

  2. PAZ

    Sorry Kyle, my laptop is still broken. I’ll make sure to delete all of my files and send this on when I get it fixed. (May take a while, so you’ll have to remind me.)

    12.08.29 at 05.46

    • that’s very sweet of you p – good luck with that xo

      12.08.29 at 06.29

  3. nekkidsoul

    Happy to oblige dear. Should I also drain my bank account and send you the proceeds? Or just email you my social security number? I have a great credit score…

    Since we are doing favors for each other, would you please get in touch with Tom Welling and tell him he needs to stop by my house this week and fuck me?

    12.08.29 at 04.44

    • thank you for the offer, but i am not interested in money, if you were to install a web-cam in your bedroom though, i would be much appreciated.

      i will tell tom to stop by just as soon as he has finished fucking me 😉

      12.08.29 at 06.28

      • nekkidsoul

        Wait, make sure you have that web cam set up before he gets there! that is something that should be shared with as many fans as possible! Woot!

        lol! As usual, your dry humor makes me laugh. I do love your blog Kyle!

        12.08.29 at 14.40

  4. I’m printing this out and mailing them to friends too! You know, to cover all the bases!! I’ve got your back!

    12.08.29 at 00.42

    • i knew i could rely on you jayne – thank you 🙂

      12.08.29 at 06.24

      • I’m your soldier!

        12.08.29 at 10.46

        • then why is it me that feels as though he is standing to attention?

          12.08.29 at 11.08

          • Because good soldiers are Always Ready To Go!…or come…I get confused

            12.08.29 at 11.20

            • like a good boy scout – be prepared 😉

              12.08.29 at 11.28

  5. Anything for you Kyle.

    12.08.28 at 19.44

    • anything leaves a lot of scope for a deviant mind such as mine – i think i may well hold you to that…

      12.08.28 at 19.48

  6. HAH–will get right on that, Kyle.

    12.08.28 at 19.37

    • thank you susan – if only all cyber-victims of my evil, world-dominating plot were so willing 🙂

      12.08.28 at 19.47

  7. Jeez, you’re funny.

    12.08.28 at 19.01

    • thanks, but i’d make a crap cyber-crook 🙂

      12.08.28 at 19.46

      • When you’ve got that kind of knicker-removing skill, who needs to be a cyber crook?

        12.08.28 at 19.48

        • a guy’s gotta have a hobby, huh?

          12.08.28 at 19.54

  8. LMFAO!!!

    12.08.28 at 18.57

    • glad to hear it – thanks 🙂

      12.08.28 at 19.44

  9. You are SUCH a layabout! Must everyone do EVERYTHING for you? Damn, I suppose those of us that have been inoculated against this amewsingly virulent virus are shit out of luck huh? damn socialized medicine!

    12.08.28 at 18.49

    • i’m considering coming over there and infecting you myself, but i am such a layabout… can you just bring your laptop here?

      12.08.28 at 19.44

      • seeing as you didn’t say please…sure. if you’d have said please, i would have had serious doubts about you.

        12.08.28 at 21.08

  10. My computer is barely hnging onto life its scares me pressing any butto……………….

    12.08.28 at 18.47

    • and another one bites the du…….

      12.08.28 at 19.42

  11. NormalDeviations


    12.08.28 at 18.45

  12. NormalDeviations

    Reblogged this on Normal Deviations and commented:
    Just passing this along…

    12.08.28 at 18.45

  13. Another smile for me – thank you 😀

    12.08.28 at 18.43

    • any time ruth – glad it did xx

      12.08.28 at 19.41

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