A time and a place

The Thugs: part 10

So, I’m down this nice little boozer last night, down ‘oxton an’ that, an’ its proper posh, wiv decent grub an cheap lager an’a proper ‘ot fuckin’ barmaid an’ everyfin’, know what I mean?

I was ‘avin’ a right good night an’ that, except for this fuckin’ couple in the booth opposite us. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of love and romance. I Fuckin’ love all that shit: bash any cunt’s skull in for my missus, I would, even when she’s in the wrong. I mean, I buy ‘er fuckin’ underwear an’ blow an’ fags an’ all sorts’a shit. I don’ even feel gay when we do all that kissy-kissy, foreplay bullshit; that’s ‘ow much I love ‘er. But this couple in that booth, well, its enough to make you wanna puke, know what I mean?

They’re doin’ all this “I wuv you honey bunny!” shit, an’ me an the missus are makin’ eyes at each uvver, like ‘get a fuckin’ room ya cunts!’ Next fing you know is, these cunts are feedin’ each uvver each uvver’s fuckin’ food. ‘Now, if you wanted chicken, fuckin’ biriani ya cunt,’ I’m finkin’ ‘then fuckin’ order it!’ know what I mean?

It’s when they start leanin’ over an’ fuckin’ kissin’, that I get the arse. I mean, the cunt’s tie is danglin’ in ‘is fuckin’ beer, the fuckin’ dicksplash! I lean under the table an’ tell the missus to stop suckin’ my cock, “I’ve ‘ad enough”, I tell ‘er, “We’re fuckin’ leavin!” I mean, there’s a time and a place for everything, know what I mean?

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11 responses

  1. I forgot all about your twists at the end… Usually I’m expecting them

    Under the table again eh? 😉

    12.08.30 at 07.46

  2. As I was reading this I wondered what the surprise ending would be. I was not disappointed!!

    12.08.29 at 15.58

    • one day i’m not gonna have a surprise ending… as a surprise

      12.08.30 at 07.43


    12.08.29 at 14.34

    • knew you’d dig it hon

      12.08.29 at 14.36

      • ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! May be my favorite Thug tale yet.

        12.08.29 at 14.38

  4. I SO Know What’Ya Mean, Kyle.
    I SO Know, Indeed!

    12.08.29 at 12.20

    • i knew you’d get it brad 🙂

      12.08.29 at 13.04

  5. Kyle–brilliant again, as usual!

    12.08.29 at 12.09

    • thank you so much susan

      12.08.29 at 13.04

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