One girl, two guys

the three of us are naked. you kneel on the bed, staring wide-eyed at us, in the middle of our bedroom, as our cocks begin to thicken and lengthen and twitch their way to fully and eagerly erect. you have, in your hand, a leather riding crop. you are not intending on using it, providing that is, that we both do exactly what we’re told. you remind us of this and tingle with pleasure to see us both get a little stiffer with your words.

exactly as you tell us, we step towards each other and kiss. tentatively at first but with growing passion, as we arouse to the sound of your soft moans and giggles of pleasure. i see, from the corner of my eye, your hand slip down between your legs as i press myself against him and feel the hot, throb of his cock against mine. you beckon for me to drop to my knees, his large, proud cock, bouncing less than an inch from my face. i know what you want me to do, even before you ask me, and i run my tongue, slowly and leisurely all the way up his magnificent, pulsing length, caressing the tip by lapping my tongue in tantalising circles around it, tasting his sweet, sticky pre-cum and embracing it with my open mouth and lips.

you have never done anything like this before and your voice trembles with excitement as i take him deeper into my mouth, my hands grasping his powerful ass cheeks and sliding up and down his thighs and back and sides. you moan with delight, and your fingers slip deep inside yourself as he places his hand on my head and, bit by bit, coaxes more and more of his steel-like length further into my mouth with each thrust of his hips. you slide your wet fingers over your taut nipples as you watch him come deep in my throat, ready for what is to happen next, moaning deeply with delight as his cum dribbles from my lips.

you lay back on the bed with us either side of you, two mouths and four hands gliding over every inch of your lightly quivering body, our hot pricks pressed and pulsating hard into your yielding flesh, tasting your glorious pussy as we lick at and suck your erect nipples. our fingers devour your soaking, wet delight, taking it in turns to either rub  at your clit or slide in and out of you. your back arches with animal desire, your eyes closed in ecstasy and your mouth gaping, red and panting. you almost weep with pleasure when you feel both our fingers inside you anda raging, rock-like prick in each hand.

you can barely speak, for animal desire, when you tell me to fuck you, and as i climb onto you, thrusting your thighs fiercely apart, he positions himself behind me. i rub my bursting tip up and down the length of your begging pussy and he rubs his hot, sticky cock up and down my crack. as i position myself to enter you, he does the same, and in one primal, movement, i enter you and he enters me. the three of us writhe, a sea of thrusting members and deep red depths, limbs and hands everywhere, and in a frenzy of mouths and sweat and dirty words, we all come together in long, hard thrusts and fingers buried deep into flesh, filling you and me with hot, spurting juices.

afterwards we lay in a naked puddle of cum and giggles and kisses and satisfied smiles and he asks if he can deliver pizza to us again sometime.

75 responses

  1. I have a sudden craving for pizza…mmmm…

    12.10.13 at 14.43

    • Kyle

      you have great taste

      12.10.13 at 14.45

      • Lady Lovely

        thank you sir!

        12.10.13 at 14.51

  2. 🙂
    ’nuff said.

    12.09.21 at 14.37

    • and your comment says it all

      12.09.21 at 16.06

  3. deviantdiaries

    :)…..thanks. I needed that

    12.09.05 at 22.02

  4. eroticstorytime

    Reblogged this on eroticstorytime.

    12.09.01 at 08.32

  5. hmmmm that was the perfect bedtime story methinks sweet dreams are guarenteed

    12.08.30 at 19.17

  6. My dream date. Holy shit.

    12.08.30 at 12.53

    • yay, i knew you’d like it hy xx

      12.08.30 at 13.59

  7. I’ll never look at a pizza delivery guy the same after this.

    12.08.30 at 11.39

    • i’m gonna have pizza every night from now on

      12.08.30 at 11.56

  8. Oh Kyle! You know how to make a woman squeal with delight in front of her laptop!

    12.08.30 at 08.30

    • knowing that makes me squeal with delight in front of mine 🙂

      12.08.30 at 08.40

  9. Awesome… But of everything in there for everyone 😉

    12.08.30 at 07.44

    • Dam! I meant bit!

      12.08.30 at 08.00

      • lol – hope there was something in there for you 😉

        12.08.30 at 08.39

        • If you’re in it then there’s something for me too 😉

          12.08.31 at 14.57

          • that’s so sweet ~blushes~

            12.08.31 at 16.28

  10. I wanna like this on FB My Lyle, because I really do like it in real life…but I think my dad, my sisters and my great-aunt Rachel (she’s 90.) will not like me liking it.

    Luckily, it’s Thursday!


    12.08.30 at 03.27

    • well thanks for saying so dawn

      12.08.30 at 08.39

  11. Sounds like a fun night was had or will be had by all parties hehe, one lucky lady.

    12.08.30 at 00.07

    • thanks for your appreciation

      12.08.30 at 08.38

  12. Trent Lewin

    Whoa! Nice.

    12.08.29 at 21.09

    • thanks – you’re a star

      12.08.29 at 21.34

      • Seriously man, you are one heck of a versatile writer. No innuendo intended there by the way.

        12.08.29 at 21.36

        • gotta say, that i think the same of you – only started following you recently but love your dry wit and laconic point of view – wish i knew what laconic meant tho

          12.08.29 at 21.38

          • You and me both.

            12.08.29 at 21.39

            • it means that we are both smart asses and love it – although i may have been looking in the wrong dictionary – or possibly been high on ‘shrooms

              12.08.29 at 21.42

              • Oh yeah. Seriously you’re inspiring to break genre with my writing a bit, you seem to do it without much trouble. Maybe will suck back a bottle of rye and give it a shot. Who knows what kind of mess will develop.

                12.08.29 at 21.45

  13. That was yummy…and that last line…*snorts*funny shit Kyle.

    12.08.29 at 20.25

    • its what i’m after, sex and giggles

      12.08.29 at 21.34

  14. And now I want pizza for dinner… 😉

    12.08.29 at 18.13

    • and if i don’t come in 30 minutes, you get a free one on us

      12.08.29 at 21.13

      • if you don’t come in 30 minutes, then you are in the wrong biz mew.

        12.09.10 at 23.01

        • i was wondering why i was always so broke

          12.09.11 at 04.57

          • lol…not exactly where I was going with that mew…but ok.

            12.09.11 at 08.38

            • where were you going, might i ask? 😉

              12.09.11 at 08.47

              • well i was going to go pick up a pizza, but then i read this post, and decided to call for delivery, hoping they’d send you,and here you are, and now I want to see what not coming for 30 minutes looks like. so put the fucking box down and I’ll show you where I am going.

                12.09.11 at 08.55

                • this is my best job ever 😆

                  12.09.11 at 09.42

  15. You are positioned between motivational quotes and a vegan cooking blog on my news feed. Gotta love it : )

    12.08.29 at 17.48

    • i guess it’s that or motivational cooking and vegan quotes – i like your style

      12.08.29 at 21.33

  16. nekkidsoul

    Fucking fabulous! You just made my pussy so wet and I couldn’t be more pleased about it! Thank YOU!!!!!

    12.08.29 at 15.49

    • wow! thanks! what great praise! i can think of nothing more rewarding than knowing that – let me know if you have any ideas for any future posts

      12.08.29 at 21.31

  17. Hot.
    Just found this blog and am loving it!

    12.08.29 at 15.26

  18. Hot as always, especially to the 2012 virgin….

    12.08.29 at 14.51

    • well you know what they say? patience is a virgin… hang on… don’t i mean virtue?

      12.08.29 at 21.28

  19. eroticexploration

    Wow, what a ride, that was AWESOME! Kyle, you rock 🙂

    12.08.29 at 14.48

    • glad it hit the spot – i am always open to suggestions for future pieces

      12.08.29 at 21.26

  20. holy god, please tell me it’s an ‘all you can eat’ special’ mmmmmmm…!

    12.08.29 at 14.44

    • you sound hungry rhonda

      12.08.29 at 21.23

      • only for pizza delivery guys

        12.08.29 at 21.41

        • sendin’ a couple your way – or maybe you fancy more?

          12.08.29 at 21.46

          • two’ll do mew….two’ll do

            12.08.29 at 21.55

  21. J.D. Gallagher

    You had me at one girl, two guys…great post, 🙂

    12.08.29 at 13.36

    • thanks jd – a title can make all the difference 🙂

      12.08.29 at 13.52

  22. Was that a “Double Meat Eaters Pizza” ?! Holy Hell –

    12.08.29 at 13.26

    • yep – the twelve incher

      12.08.29 at 13.51

      • Right – found the coupon for that special.

        12.08.29 at 14.18

        • enjoy your feast 😉

          12.08.29 at 14.20

  23. My god, you are umhhhhhhh, wow….

    I simple giggled at this one…

    Wow…., you horny horny man……

    12.08.29 at 13.25

    • well, i’m just glad you enjoyed it ….

      12.08.29 at 13.53

      • I did and stunned at your imagination….

        I wonder if you good in bed…….!!!!!!

        12.08.29 at 15.01

  24. Oh shit…

    12.08.29 at 13.11

  25. (*runs out to get job application for pizza-delivery-position*)

    12.08.29 at 13.07

    • you’re hired mate 🙂

      12.08.29 at 13.08

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