The L word

A piña colada, a beautiful sunset and us. Darling, I think I’m in heaven. I love you.

Ah, er… well…

What was that?

I, er… well, er…

You can’t say it can you? Not even in the most romantic restaurant ever, and if you can’t say it here, now, you never will!

Well, erm, okay… I love you too… so… er… can I take your order now?

39 responses

  1. and here i always thought the L word was Lesbian…i guess i am more confused than i realized…

    12.09.05 at 13.42

    • haha – thanks for that very good point

      12.09.05 at 17.10

      • just teasin’… of course, i like to insert that into your story and image the twist from there…?

        12.09.05 at 17.36

        • that would be hilarious

          12.09.06 at 05.05

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I always think I will not be surprised by your endings
    and I always am…
    this was a good one Kyle
    Take Care…
    (thank you for always stopping by even when
    I fall down the rabbit hole for a month,)

    12.09.04 at 23.17

    • glad you enjoyed and welcome back

      12.09.05 at 05.53

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        Thank you Kyle….
        I missed your smile and you making me laugh out loud and always peak my curiosity , for I never know what your tale will be by the title LOLs..
        Hope all is well in your part of the world
        Take care…

        12.09.05 at 09.41

        • thank you , you too

          12.09.05 at 09.45

  3. Too funny!

    12.09.03 at 17.32

    • thank you susie

      12.09.04 at 06.07

  4. workspousestory


    12.09.03 at 12.22

  5. Hmm…wish I could’ve been the one to wait on you…that would have been fun!

    12.09.03 at 11.27

  6. Every time I read your work, it is like I am previewing a scene in a movie from the best seats in the house!

    12.09.03 at 10.57

    • thank you blü – i really appreciate that

      12.09.03 at 11.01

  7. Enjoyed. Immensely.

    12.09.03 at 10.34

    • thank you susan 🙂

      12.09.03 at 10.40

  8. Oh crike, that happens to me literally all the time.

    12.09.03 at 10.12

    • it’s clearly more common than i realised

      12.09.03 at 10.40

  9. LOVE-ster. I mean, lobster too, please.

    12.09.03 at 09.42

    • awesome – lol

      12.09.03 at 10.37

  10. PAZ

    Hello. You’re silly

    12.09.03 at 09.40

  11. I hate saying the L word too. 🙂

    12.09.03 at 09.40

  12. You never fail to make me laugh. How awkwardly funny. Old joke or not… I love it.

    12.09.03 at 09.19

    • thank you anette, always love making you laugh

      12.09.03 at 09.25

  13. Groan….. I was hoping you had a new love interest….. But love it all the same you silly billy.

    12.09.03 at 09.18

    • glad it made you smile 🙂

      12.09.03 at 09.24

      • You always make me smile sweetie.. 😉

        12.09.03 at 09.25

  14. Lunch. The L word. *insert wistful sigh*

    12.09.03 at 09.16

    • my favourite l word

      12.09.03 at 09.18

    • PAZ

      mmmmm… lunch.

      12.09.03 at 09.43

  15. rofl…such a charmer you are. i’ve GOT to hear the backstory on this one!!! there has to be one.

    12.09.03 at 08.57

    • ‘fraid not hon – just an old joke 😆

      12.09.03 at 09.11

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