our first kiss, at the arrivals terminal, was electric and aroused both our passions instantly to near boiling point, and as we squeezed onto the crowded Piccadilly line train you could feel my erection, through my trousers, pressing into your behind. there was only one spare seat, so i took it and you sat on my lap, piling your various items of luggage on your knees to make room for the throng of standing passengers. my cock pushed up between your soft, gently squeezing  thighs. it was an end seat an the woman to our right was engrossed in conversation with the man on her right, and your bags and parcels made a perfect shield against any of the standers seeing as i inched your skirt slowly up over your ass, pulled your panties to one side and slid a finger deep into your soaking, hot pussy. you knew exactly what to do and lifted up while i got my cock out, draped from view by your flowing skirt, and when you sat back down it plunged deep into your waiting depth, making us both shudder and gasp uncontrollably.

there was no need for us to move, as the juddering of the carriage, as it hurtled down the tunnel, jiggled and shook you on top of me. it was quite an unnatural sensation but exhilarating as the train rocked and bounced you on and off my throbbing shaft. at some points the carriage would jolt vigorously and repeatedly, lifting you almost off my cock completely before slamming you back down onto it, at others, the train just shuddered and trembled, it was like sitting inside a giant vibrator.

we had waited months for this and we could have very easily come within a few minutes, if it weren’t for the fact that every couple of minutes the tube came to a halt at a station, teasing us and prolonging our ecstasy for nearly the entire hour long journey. we sat in those stations, sometimes on the very brink of orgasm, trying not to move or breath too hard, my prick deep inside you, pulsing as your dripping pussy squeezed it.

you realised that the stranger stood right in front of us had realised what we are up to, when you saw his trousers begin to bulge and fill and when you looked up, he stared right down at your flushed face and winked, he knew exactly what we were doing. his growing erection was only inches from your hands as they clasped the parcels on your lap, and you watched as it came to full mast and bulged forcefully against the thin cotton like a wild beast demanding release from a cage. you could so easily reach out and touch it.

the stranger allowed the swaying of the carriage to push himself nearer to you, brushing his impressive cock against your knuckles, it felt like something made of rock in there, and when more passengers board, he used this to squeeze closer to you and let his long coat hang down on either side, shielding what you did next from view. with me still pumping deep inside you, my fingers digging into your butt, you unzipped him and slid your hand inside, clasping his bursting cock greedily. it was magnificent, not particularly long but so thick and hard that you could barely get you hand round it.

we were only two stops from home when the three of us came, after a long series of powerful judders, that took us to an explosive and thick and deep climax. thanks to the screeching brakes we were all able to cry out undetected, except for the woman to my right who shot me a filthy look when the words “holy fuck yes!” escaped unbidden from my mouth.

the stranger got off one stop before us, his coat now buttoned to conceal the large stain, and we never saw him again.

anyway son, that’s why we called you Piccadilly.

52 responses

  1. You certainly have a way with words…I love this post! But it`s clearly also time for a cold shower!

    12.10.13 at 14.32

    • Kyle

      writing it had the same effect on me – although i chose masturbation as a solution, not as hygienic but a tad more fun 😉

      12.10.13 at 14.40

      • Lady Lovely

        lol true, more fun than my option too!!! But, I never said what I was going to do in the shower :0

        12.10.13 at 14.42

        • i believe a lot of fun can be had with an appropriately positioned, pulsing shower head 😉

          12.10.13 at 14.44

          • Lady Lovely

            I`ll be sure to let you know how well it works for me

            12.10.13 at 14.51

            • please do 😆

              12.10.13 at 14.53

              • Lady Lovely

                I can`t pull myself away from your posts…so my cold shower will be really warm when the time is right…

                12.10.13 at 14.56

                • Kyle

                  i’m hoping something will be warm 😉

                  12.10.13 at 14.58

                  • Lady Lovely


                    12.10.13 at 14.58

  2. So there I am getting hot as hell reading this and the next thing I know I’m laughing my ass off…well played, my friend, well played…lol

    12.09.09 at 23.16

    • thank you and you are more than welcome

      12.09.10 at 05.16

  3. TemptingSweets99

    What a way to get a name. LOL! Love it! I would like to try this in a subway car. 😀

    12.09.09 at 20.10

    • the older rattlier ones are the best 😉

      12.09.10 at 05.13

  4. nekkidsoul

    You have, by far, the best closing of any writer on the blogs I have read. Your last lines are like a beautiful, funny finale and they never fail to surprise me and make me laugh with delight. Your mind is a wonderfully twisted and witty place. I’d like to come in, curl up on the couch with a drink, and stay awhile. xxx

    12.09.08 at 22.19

    • that’s gotta be the nicest comment i ever got – you’re welcome anytime, just say what you drink and what kind of movie you wanna watch 🙂

      12.09.09 at 05.59

  5. Hah, that’s amazing. It’s all about the punchline, my friend, and that was a superb punchline. 🙂

    12.09.08 at 16.34

    • and thank you for appreciating it 😆

      12.09.08 at 16.51

  6. eroticexploration

    Flippin’ hot and brilliantly funny. Classic Kyle 🙂

    12.09.08 at 14.24

    • i’m sooo glad you liked it 😀

      12.09.08 at 14.24

  7. You make me blush!

    12.09.08 at 10.30

    • then i have succeeded in my goal 🙂

      12.09.08 at 10.37

      • make me scream next!

        12.09.08 at 10.39

        • ooh, now that sounds like an interesting challenge 🙂

          12.09.08 at 10.40

  8. So THAT’s why I’m called Central Station!

    12.09.08 at 09.03

    • it must be 😆

      12.09.08 at 10.06

  9. Damn Kyle, WHEW!!!!

    12.09.07 at 18.29

  10. now, see? this post is not only fucking HOT, it’s educational too!

    Note to self (fuck the taxi and…)

    Take the train, hopefully with someone you love beside ya, but whatever

    Always wear a skirt and easily man-handled underwear, if any at all, but whatever

    Stop assuming the guy in the trenchcoat is a perv….KNOW he’s a perv and enjoy it, hopefully with someone you love under ya, but whatever

    Oh and Picadilly Mew? Hmmm…suppose Tooting could have been worse, but still feel for the little fella.

    12.09.07 at 16.25

    • remind me again rhonda, what time does your flight get in? 😉

      12.09.07 at 16.52

      • 😆
        cute mew…very cute

        12.09.07 at 16.53

        • worth a try, surely?

          12.09.07 at 17.08

          • oh, never stop trying. always worth a try! 😉

            12.09.07 at 17.29

  11. Great ending!

    12.09.07 at 16.22

  12. The hotness prevails! That ending was funny.

    12.09.07 at 15.51

    • glad it hit the spot(s) 🙂

      12.09.07 at 16.48

  13. Wowza

    12.09.07 at 14.52

    • thank you becca – glad you stuck around?

      12.09.07 at 14.56

      • Surely, but I probably shouldn’t have read that while stuck at work.

        12.09.07 at 15.37

        • hahaha – oops!

          12.09.07 at 16.47

        • unfetteredbs

          haaa.. I am sorry but you just cracked me up

          12.09.08 at 04.34

          • me too

            12.09.08 at 05.03

          • Glad you can laugh at my expense! Twas a long day after that.

            12.09.08 at 17.31

            • aw sorry becca – i’ll be more sympathetic in future 😉

              12.09.08 at 17.33

            • unfetteredbs

              haaa now you just did it again 😉

              12.09.08 at 17.50

  14. God Kyle…that was a very exciting ride! I feel all warm now. Thank you!


    12.09.07 at 14.47

    • always willing to help a gal with her heating bills

      12.09.07 at 14.49

  15. WOW That is soooo……. hot.

    12.09.07 at 14.22

    • thanks foxy, i’m glad you ‘enjoyed’ 😉

      12.09.07 at 14.33

      • You are ever so welcome Kyle 😉

        12.09.07 at 14.42

  16. Kyle, you rule.

    12.09.07 at 14.10

    • but i live to serve
      thank you 😀

      12.09.07 at 14.36

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