Just before I come

So, she says she wants to do me in the ass with this giant strap-on with a vibrating gizmo at her end. Now, I like to please but this is a little bit outside my usual modus operandi, and I’m a bit wary, considering the size of this thing. “Okay?” I enquire, “How are you gonna make that feel good for me?”
“Tell you what,” she suggests, “how about, just before I come, I stop punching you in the balls?”

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  1. geminisub

    More please lol 🙂

    12.10.05 at 05.20

    • certainly 🙂

      12.10.05 at 05.53

  2. What a nice willing man you are, Kyle!

    12.09.23 at 05.09

    • thank you beautiful – i’ll do anything to please

      12.09.23 at 05.27

  3. nekkidsoul

    Now that is a method of foreplay I have yet to try… but I’ll make a note of it. Not sure I will be able to convince my partner to give it a go though! As usual, you’ve made me start my day with a laugh. Thanks Kyle!

    12.09.11 at 04.32

    • good luck with that – always happy to make you laugh

      12.09.11 at 04.52

  4. Butterfly

    rolling on the floor laughing

    12.09.10 at 23.30

    • that’s good to know 🙂

      12.09.11 at 04.50

  5. ha ha ha ha ….., i have no words … but left to wonder …., what happened next?

    my god….!!!!

    12.09.10 at 21.34

    • she kept her word is what happened next – thank you

      12.09.11 at 04.49

  6. I was kinda hoping you’d continue writing about her getting that thing in there nice and proper 🙂

    12.09.10 at 13.55

  7. I laughed out loud – I recently saw a post about such “pegging”. Didn’t know it had its own name. There weren’t any women punching the guy in the balls though… your gal adds her own spice! She’s so thoughtful. : )

    12.09.10 at 12.42

    • she certainly knows how to add some spice – and she was right, it really did feel good when she stopped punching me in my balls 🙂

      12.09.10 at 15.09

      • She is SO smart too!! Who would have thought to bring you pleasure that way?!

        12.09.10 at 15.15

        • i like to think you would 🙂

          12.09.10 at 15.29

          • You could think that – but I’d rather “hit’em” with my tongue than fists. Call me crazy!!

            12.09.10 at 16.03

            • oh you’re so sweet – i guess both is out of the question then?

              12.09.10 at 16.04

              • Well, no punching but it could have happened if I had known when you were visiting the States whenever you did, you Limey you! ; )

                12.09.10 at 16.18

                • i am yet to visit your wonderful land – but one day i will, you can count on it 😉

                  12.09.10 at 16.20

  8. Lmao!

    12.09.10 at 09.48

  9. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks for the morning wakeup!

    12.09.10 at 09.33

  10. Funny!!!

    12.09.10 at 09.24

    • glad you thought so

      12.09.10 at 11.17

  11. what’s the gizmo for?

    12.09.10 at 09.15

    • are you asking for a demonstration rhonda?

      12.09.10 at 11.17

      • oy…well suppose I was? what ya gonna do then eh mew?

        12.09.10 at 11.32

        • only one thing to do… volunteer myself ♥

          12.09.10 at 15.32

          • well that’s a given…not like i’d want you to volunteer Le Clown! (no offense mon frere Le Clown)

            12.09.10 at 15.42

            • then i guess i’m all yours…

              12.09.10 at 15.48

              • then i guess it’s demo time mew.

                12.09.10 at 15.52

                • does that include the ball punching? i kinda hope so 😉

                  12.09.10 at 15.58

                  • oh i’m a puncher from way back…have i not introduced you to my husband b&bb?
                    (that’s black & blue balls but I call him owie for short) 😉

                    12.09.10 at 16.02

                    • i cannot tell you just how much i envy him

                      12.09.10 at 16.03

                    • you just did…and I’ll pass it on. maybe he’ll want you to step in as his b&bb body double…not sure, but don’t think he likes it as much as he should.

                      12.09.10 at 16.05

  12. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the last bit, you would be singing soprano for a while. NIce writing babes as always.

    12.09.10 at 09.10

    • ::high pitched voice:: thank you

      12.09.10 at 11.18

      • hehe you are so welcome

        12.09.10 at 11.21

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